Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Crash mats. Unrelated to the post, it's just the first thing I thought.

I remembered today that when I was about six, I got shouted at for something, and hence decided that nobody appreciated me, and so I would run away to show them all what they were missing out on. And so I took out a big square scarf, laid it out on the bed, put in a change of clothes and various things that a six year old considers to be essential running-away-kit, and then tied the four corners of the scarf together and tied it to a stick to make a Pingu style bindle.  Because I thought this was the only way to carry items if one was running away. The scary thing? I'm not kidding. I got as far as the front door, where I turned the key in the lock, then realised I didn't know what I was going to do after walking to the bottom of Halifax Road. So I trudged back upstairs and undid the bindle and went back downstairs and sat and sulked on the staircase where I would attract maximum attention. Yes, Aunty Em, if you're reading this, I can only apologise for my dramatic-ness, as a child and now, lol.
This has taught me two things:
  1. I was an attention-seeking little brat of a kid. I know that anyway, but this emphasises my point.
  2. One should never underestimate a six year old's capacity to make overdramatic and rash decisions.
Why am I relating this story? Because I remembered it randomly, and felt it was noteworthy, and I don't have too much to blog. *Shrugs*. Well, actually, I might have...
  • I have basically spent the last week cooking/cleaning/cooking/cleaning. It all started last Saturday when we had the WHOLE family round for general eating and together-ness in my garden. This was lovely, because we haven't got together like that in a long time, but my God, we cleaned the house and the garden upside down, inside out. Painful. Naturally, the party didn't start til the Wolverhampton crew arrived. Good times. Speaking of the Wolverhampton crew, Baby Bear succeeded in being completely adorable, whilst projectile vomiting (yes, there was a need to highlight that) all over a cousin's incredibly nice clothes. It's like he waited for her to pick him up... 
  • Myself and Aunty Em have been pretending to be House, going through differential diagnoses via texts, trying to work out why one of my aunties was so ill last week. I was waiting for that enlightenment moment that comes at the forty minute mark, but it never came, dammit ¬_¬ House is a lie!
  •  I am going to be deported in two days time. Yes. They discovered me. You can only stay under the radar for so long. Still, it's only for two weeks, and I'm going to Saudi Arabia, so a pleasant sort of a deportation :) And however much it will torture some people that I am away for this vast stretch of time, I just wish for them to know that they should move on with their life, and find new friends, and remember the good times. Yes. 
  • I remembered the word 'Friendo' today! From No Country For Old Men! If anybody hasn't seen it, the word is from my favourite scene in it. Which is here. Slightly shit sound quality, but it's worth watching the whole film :D
  • I have written a paragraph of new story! And that's about it. I like the paragraph, and don't want to ruin it by carrying on, which is a bit counterproductive.
  • Walking down to town today with the brother, I failed to notice the actual Emad driving past, despite looking right at him and the fact that he flashed his headlights. I only recognised the car a second later and then spun round like a retard. An overall retard moment, I feel. Cringe. 
  • Inception looks mind-blowing. Just watch the damn trailer.
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is an awesome film, though incredibly sad at times. Still: Thank you iPlayer. Again :)
  • The Jenny was met up with in Huddersfield and we had an excellent catch up, eventually reaching the conclusion that her ideal life partner would be chosen on the basis of whether he owned a Fez. Not a bad screening process.
  • Babysitting my 1 year old cousin was a lot of fun. Especially the part where she chewed my phone ¬_¬ And smeared banana all over me. And almost took off my arm with her vice grip when the sound of a pneumatic drill outside scared her. Her cuteness, and the fact that I got to use her as an excuse to watch Cbeebies (In the night garden, and Pippin! YAY!) made up for it.
  • I have a new book! Called The Passage, by Justin Cronin. It is awesome so far. His writing reminds me of Stephen King, but without the unnecessary pages and pages of random irrelevance, which can only be a good thing. I WILL finish it by Friday.
  • I have been forced to gather together all the Asian clothes I possess, since one cannot be wearing jeans in Saudi. Since I do not possess Asian clothes as everydaywear, because I only dress properly Asian at weddings, I had to go out and buy normal Asian clothes. It's actually rather nice to wear Asianwear that isn't wedding-flashy.
  • I wish to move to Canada someday. Everyone should!  Take me to Vancouver! It looks so pretty!*Sigh*
    I have now talked for long enough. I have to finish that book by Friday, dammit. But since this will be my last post for the next fortnight, I felt rambling was needed. What the hell. I feel rambling's needed whatever the occasion. Farewell, my vast and diverse readership of about six individuals, one of whom is related to me. Do not become too distraught in my absence.