Sunday, 6 February 2011

Colour Coded Ringbinders and the smell of Sharpies.

Hello world!
*resists urge to add 'I'm Tyrannosaurus Alan and I'm going to eat you for breakfast!'*
Ahem :)
Who'dve thought it's only been almost a fortnight since exams. It feels like YEARS ago. Why does it feel like years ago..? Well, because we were plunged straight back in at the deep end of work, with the only light at the end of the tunnel being summer. But who am I to complain... ¬_¬

  • Did I mention I got my student selected choice..? We got to choose one of the modules we'll study this semester. I got given the Arts in Medicine, which was my 2nd choice, but I'm fine with it :D This way I feel like fate handed it to me, rather than me outright asking to do it. And so I can explain this to people when they ask why the hell I'm doing it, and look at me in disgust when I venture forward that I enjoy reading. Secretly, I am rather enjoying it :D It's like English lessons all over again! YAY.
  • Oh! And we've fiiinally started going into hospitals for one day each week! Though the first proper ward session is this week so I shall write about how that goes next time. But yay/*nerves*!
  • My people and disease patient is in her seventies, and is addicted to playing Tomb Raider on her computer. How awesome is she?! :D
  • I socialised with people after exams! This was the first time I socialised with a group of people since starting uni, and I feel like it was a really great achievement for me. true, the group was made up of my housemates and a few others, so not that far out of my comfort zone, but still! Progress!
  • I am actually organised at this moment! All my notes for the first week, and my self study, have been completed! This is the first time ever that I have achieved such a feat, and it absolutely cannot last.
  • I have rediscovered Love Hearts! If you do not remember, they're the semi-fizzy sweets that have creepy messages on them. Such as 'heart throb'... @_@
  • Bought a pack of 7 tortilla wraps on Wednesday, and because they expire so quickly once you open them, I have had nothing but toasted wraps since. Yay.
  • Re-read my personal statement for the first time in aaaages. THAT was embarrassing. It's (not) funny just how desperate it sounded.
  • I discovered an English essay that I wrote in Year 10, when we were studying Othello- the essay was on Iago, who is essentially the evil villain. We were required to do about 2 sides. But I was so enthusiastic on the subject that I wrote 5 sides of A4 in size 10, with widened margins. Yay for being a Shakespeare freak!
  • Unstoppable is a great film! And actually stressed me out due to the unbearable tension. Why will the train not stop?! D:
  • Ease Up's 'If you only knew' is just awesome :D
  • I now own THE COOLEST pair of shoes ever! This link is the closest image I could get, but mine are more purple-y with white laces. Generally prettier.
  • Because I am so proud of having organised ALL my notes into ringbinders after exams (this kind of organisation is previously unheard of, I am posting a photo! OBSERVE THE COLOURED RINGBINDERS. Ahem. I get a little excited about new stationery. There, Emad-ness. There is my tidy desk :D Though it now annoys me that the chair is slightly askew ¬_¬
  • I believe there is nothing else going on in my life at the moment... so shall leave it there, since the past several...okay, all of the bullet points have been fairly nothing-y.
So yeah! I am done. When more things happen to me, I shall begin writing more exciting blog posts.
Over and out!