Sunday, 22 November 2009

You know it's bad when your virtual voice is louder than your actual voice.

I thought I'd take the advantage of blogging whilst I was in a good mood :)
So I went home last weekend, due to yet another three day weekend being FORCED upon us by these crazy admin people. Fun :) A shopping spree in Huddersfield, pizza hut etc. This is me with Harold Wilson in front of Hudds railway station, where they've built amazing fountain-like things. It's rather lovely :)

That purple one is the waterfall-y thing that changes colour! I spazzed.
Plans for this week include two days at De Montfort uni where we'll do an interprofessional development session, ie work with nursing and pharmacy students to do group activities and learn the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork... :| Basically to stop doctors being so cocky, and nurses hating doctors so much. I think it'll be alright-ish.
Also, on Wednesday might be visiting a day centre for homeless people in Leicester to look round and decide on fundraising ideas, which I'm really looking forward to. Either way, I'm on the HOMED committee now :D This is very cool.
I've managed to lose my voice, and acquire what appears to be a man-voice in it's place. Or it was a man voice. It's now progressed to a sort of low, husky tone which becomes a squeak if I raise the tone of my voice. Woo for loss of dignity.
Went for a group outing on Wednesday- Nandos and then we watched 2012 (Ben and Jerries chocolate fudge brownie- DAYyamn). This was rather awesome.
And I spent the last two days horribly depressed, but have suddenly managed to cheer up. Personally, I believe it was due to the return of some semblance of creativity, since I was able to write four pages of story today :D Haven't been able to write owt for aaaages. This means I am not an utter failure.
Not much more to add, except home next weekend :D wooness
Certain songs by Taylor Swift may have become slight obsessions. Aherm.
I swear there was something else might have to wait...
Over and out :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The utter lack of sunshine (except on a mug).

A collection of things that have happened, in the order that I remember them:

  • T'was my birthday on Saturday! Had an awesome 3-day weekend generally surrounded by the family and far too much food, and felt well loved *warm fuzziness*. Awesome presents included a Toshiba netbook (!!!) which I have named Dug, a Little Miss Sunshine mug (I believe it may have been sarcastic), a LOT of chocolate, a penguin of death bookmark, a cat of glory, a small balloon, a trinket box, general money (given in sympathy, due to my student status), an amazing perfume, Woolies online pic n mix, and a personalised Thorntons chocolate box with an adorable photo of Hasan on it! The list makes me sound incredibly materialistic- I just want to be able to remember in a year's time, lol. In fairness, I would have truly just been happy being home for that weekend. After a  fortnight in Leicester, I was flagging.
  • I have been assigned a dissertation patient with an underlying condition that I have to study, and this is very cool indeed.
  • My mental state has declined over this week, due to the utter shit-ness of the weather, to the point that I was reduced to not being able to move yesterday out of sheer depression.
  • I am heartsick. Utterly, painfully heartsick. Words fail me.
  • I have once again started putting on that nasty nailbiting stuff after it became apparent that getting into medical school was not enough for me to stop eating my fingers- I was unable to touch anything last Friday due to fingertip-agony.
  • I have discovered that finding out you have a parcel waiting at reception is possibly the most exciting feeling in the world.
  • We, as a family, have discovered the joys of skype. Yesterday I sat and had dinner with the rest of my family- they put the laptop on the kitchen table at home and talked to me like I was sat there with them, lol. It was great :D
  • I got lost in Oadby, and despite literally not having a clue where I was, and freezing my face off, this was a lot of fun. Solo-walks are something I've missed a lot. Time to think and all that.
  • I have an exam tomorrow. Who'dve guessed. She only writes a blog when there's something more important to do. Better get back to the bloody revision.
Well, thanks for making my birthday lovely, people :) The thought counts a lot. (*whispers* And the chocolate counts even more). Aherm, lol.
And on that bombshell, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to end the show. Good night!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good mood (How's that for a change?!)

Evening :)
My train tickets for Friday are booked! HOME! *ET moment*
*ET moment comes to abrupt halt as Humaira stares, bemused, at lit-up fingertip*
Also, birthdayness on Saturday, always good :D Makes me feel like this:

Last year of being a teenager :| How strange. Not that I really did being a teenager justice, having avoided anything voluntary that included other people, but if I could go back I'd do it all over again, so what the hell. I am impressed that I've survived up to 18 though, following my assumption at six years old that life stopped at twelve. It's all been a bit 'abyss' since then.
I got post today! Admittedly, I sent it to myself, because it was a DVD I ordered. But that's not the point. Tis called 'In America' and Paddy Considine and Djimon Hounsou (YES! From Blood Diamond!) are in it. Woo.
Going to return Clockwork Orange having been told it's really not worth the hype by anyone I've asked. Anyone got any suggestions what to exchange it for?
My hands are covered in biro, as I have far too much to do and no capacity to remember it. I even resorted to making a list on the inside of my wrist. It spans the length of my forearm. Problem is it keep washing off, so I keep having to write over faded parts, which makes the list incomprehensible.I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who reads this would send me a text tomorrow that reads 'GP, MGD work, BAG, MGD book, CLOTHES'. Seriously. I will forget to look at my hand/wrist. I'm not particularly observant, not that you needed to be told that.
Yes, this was a blatant attempt to get out of work. Yes, I'm going to do it now. Before Spooks! :D
*waves to all*