Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good mood (How's that for a change?!)

Evening :)
My train tickets for Friday are booked! HOME! *ET moment*
*ET moment comes to abrupt halt as Humaira stares, bemused, at lit-up fingertip*
Also, birthdayness on Saturday, always good :D Makes me feel like this:

Last year of being a teenager :| How strange. Not that I really did being a teenager justice, having avoided anything voluntary that included other people, but if I could go back I'd do it all over again, so what the hell. I am impressed that I've survived up to 18 though, following my assumption at six years old that life stopped at twelve. It's all been a bit 'abyss' since then.
I got post today! Admittedly, I sent it to myself, because it was a DVD I ordered. But that's not the point. Tis called 'In America' and Paddy Considine and Djimon Hounsou (YES! From Blood Diamond!) are in it. Woo.
Going to return Clockwork Orange having been told it's really not worth the hype by anyone I've asked. Anyone got any suggestions what to exchange it for?
My hands are covered in biro, as I have far too much to do and no capacity to remember it. I even resorted to making a list on the inside of my wrist. It spans the length of my forearm. Problem is it keep washing off, so I keep having to write over faded parts, which makes the list incomprehensible.I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who reads this would send me a text tomorrow that reads 'GP, MGD work, BAG, MGD book, CLOTHES'. Seriously. I will forget to look at my hand/wrist. I'm not particularly observant, not that you needed to be told that.
Yes, this was a blatant attempt to get out of work. Yes, I'm going to do it now. Before Spooks! :D
*waves to all*


  1. Return it for Dr Strangelove!! =D!!
    And what are you talking about not doing "teenager" justice?! You drank your liver dry, smoked a TONNE of marriage-oo-aa-na and...well, let's not even talk about the promiscuous activities you took part in young lady.
    Besides, you'll still be a teenager (note: "nine-TEEN"). So do some more of the things stated above.

  2. Birthday weekend! have a great weekend- just imagine the sugar overload- gooey cakes- creamy chocolate- yummmmm! I feel kinda bad youve resorted to sending yourself post, thing is Im not leaving the house much- understandable... there's only so much online shopping one can take! ive forgotton the etiquettes of going shopping... or anything of that matter! humphhhh!! By the way great image!
    Aunty Em xxx