Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The utter lack of sunshine (except on a mug).

A collection of things that have happened, in the order that I remember them:

  • T'was my birthday on Saturday! Had an awesome 3-day weekend generally surrounded by the family and far too much food, and felt well loved *warm fuzziness*. Awesome presents included a Toshiba netbook (!!!) which I have named Dug, a Little Miss Sunshine mug (I believe it may have been sarcastic), a LOT of chocolate, a penguin of death bookmark, a cat of glory, a small balloon, a trinket box, general money (given in sympathy, due to my student status), an amazing perfume, Woolies online pic n mix, and a personalised Thorntons chocolate box with an adorable photo of Hasan on it! The list makes me sound incredibly materialistic- I just want to be able to remember in a year's time, lol. In fairness, I would have truly just been happy being home for that weekend. After a  fortnight in Leicester, I was flagging.
  • I have been assigned a dissertation patient with an underlying condition that I have to study, and this is very cool indeed.
  • My mental state has declined over this week, due to the utter shit-ness of the weather, to the point that I was reduced to not being able to move yesterday out of sheer depression.
  • I am heartsick. Utterly, painfully heartsick. Words fail me.
  • I have once again started putting on that nasty nailbiting stuff after it became apparent that getting into medical school was not enough for me to stop eating my fingers- I was unable to touch anything last Friday due to fingertip-agony.
  • I have discovered that finding out you have a parcel waiting at reception is possibly the most exciting feeling in the world.
  • We, as a family, have discovered the joys of skype. Yesterday I sat and had dinner with the rest of my family- they put the laptop on the kitchen table at home and talked to me like I was sat there with them, lol. It was great :D
  • I got lost in Oadby, and despite literally not having a clue where I was, and freezing my face off, this was a lot of fun. Solo-walks are something I've missed a lot. Time to think and all that.
  • I have an exam tomorrow. Who'dve guessed. She only writes a blog when there's something more important to do. Better get back to the bloody revision.
Well, thanks for making my birthday lovely, people :) The thought counts a lot. (*whispers* And the chocolate counts even more). Aherm, lol.
And on that bombshell, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to end the show. Good night!


  1. I don't know what's more worrying. The fact that you ended your post in *that* familiar, unimaginative manner or that you're "utterly, painfully heartsick". Yes, clearly you have fallen in love and have been rejected?
    AND: The materialism! Pfft. And you call yourself an anti-capitalistic-socialist.
    Pah! Damn right I said it.

  2. You have no idea. And how do you know it's not just my utter love for the North? I could be heartsick for Dewsbury :S It's difficult, but it must be possible, lol.
    Anti-capitalistic-socialism does have a ring to it, even if it doesn't really add to the concept of socialism. Bloody Tesco. *Grr*
    Pah right back atcha!

  3. Lmao at parcel at reception and the Skype-ness.

    Sounds like you had a great birthday! Nothing wrong with being materialistic! Define materialistic on Google and my name should appear somewhere in the definition.

    Hope your well!