Sunday, 10 June 2012

You've got a smile that could light up this whole town

Hello there! It has not been like fifty weeks...Shh!

So I feel I should acknowledge the weather, since it's really outdone itself, even by the standards of weather-PMS we're used to here in not-so-sunny England. What the hell happened?! I swear, just two weeks ago I was sat in the garden with a Solero, reading a book, dressed like a girl, and steadily getting sunburnt, as follows:

 Yes I did wear socks. Because one should never, ever be without socks (preferably stripy ones). Feet are just horrible.

But then, just like that, it was gone. Like the sky got shy or something and was like 'STOP LOOKING AT MY BLUE-NESS, I CAN'T TAKE IT, I MUST RETURN TO GREY AND REMIND THESE PEOPLE OF THE MEANING OF OVERCAST AND DAMP'
Apologies, I am in a strange mood.

Which allows me to segue shamelessly into the fact that I have just started my psychiatry block, woo! Haven't met patients yet, we're still having introductory lectures, but it is all massively interesting and I really have been enjoying learning all this random new stuff abotu mood disorders etc. Also I'm pretty sure I have many traits of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. But then, a large number of us self-diagnosed ourselves with some kind of psychiatric condition by the end of the first day. Maybe we're all just hypochondriacs- another psychiatric condition. Ahem. Steam coming out of ears. 

I feel like I never really acknowledged the surgery block being over- let's just say the highlight of it was getting to hold someone's small intestines out of the way (The surgeon needed space to work in the abdomen so just piled the intestines onto the patient's chest). This was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Intestines are warm @_@ And as I was holding them, they were actually moving, kind of like worms, beneath my fingers!!! I thought something was wrong and that the patient's intestines had come alive to strangle me, but realised eventually that I was actually seeing peristalsis, the natural contraction of the intestines in order to move food along. Mind = BLOWN.
Also got to cut a few stitches/feel a few intestinal tumours before they were removed. I have decided never to be a surgeon though. The main reason for this is that once you're scrubbed up, your hands are sterile so you can't touch anything, not even your mask to adjust it. So naturally my mask rode up my face repeatedly, and pushed up at my eyelashes, causing me to be blinded by eye-irritation until I plucked up the courage to ask the nurses to lower my mask for me. Naturally, it had ridden up again within seconds of them pulling it down and I didn't have the guts (OH, PUN INTENDED) to ask them again.


My dad approved of it more than is normal for him...or for any male, really. I was walking around with it in the store in the way you do when you try on new shoes, and caught my dad looking over and giving me massive thumbs up and a hugely happy expression. I was impressed by this, as he doesn't tend to acknowledge that I am a female.

I have got into Arrested Development! It is utterly brilliant, and so, so funny. Will Arnett and David Cross are my favourite things about it, but I had to put in this clip. Generally the premise is that Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) tries to cope with his hugely dysfunctional family. A running joke through the series is that none of Michael's family seem to know what a chicken looks/sounds like, so whenever someone calls Michael a chicken and subsequently attempts to imitate one, it's disastrous/hilarious. Observe:

Also, listen/re-listen to this, as it is totally awesome :D

I Shall return with a verdict on Psychiatry block! Just give it a few weeks.

In a while, crocodiles!


  1. *waves*
    Oh the weather...although I have to admit I love it's PMS-ness :) Never a dull day (very bad pun intended)
    Surgery sounds awesome! Holding intestines sounds amazing :D Have fun doing psych :)I'm pretty sure every medic is a hypochondriac. We (although I'm not sure who "we" is) have christened this "Medical Student Syndrome". Unfortunately there's not cure and it affects everyone at some point during their degree.
    I love the bag :) Dad's are odd ones aren't they?
    Is that To Kill a Mockingbird I see? Any good? Not sure if I want to read it or not. Let us know what you think?
    See you later, aligator :D

  2. I approve of striped socks! =P And yes the weather has so far been an absolute joke...! Lol.
    ...TMI on the intestines...
    And I approve of the bag! Though I am no longer an expert in this area. (I used to be, but I don't like to talk about it...)
    I will totes watch Arrested Development - the one or two eps I've seen are so damn funny. It's so weird and completely different.

  3. I love the title of this post as I've been listening to her Fearless album a lot recently! Good choice. I've never seen Arrested Development before but the clip made me giggle! And it has Portia De Rossi in it! *dances* I miss the days of Ally McBeal :(.

    The weather has become so dreadfully grey I've actually forgotten what sun looks and feels like. Vitamin D shortages are ugly things...

    I do not blame your dad for his love of your bag as it is gorgeous and I kind of want to steal it from you in the dead of night when you least expect it... Oops.

    The surgery block sounds AMAZING if slightly surreal and queasy :|. Keep telling us about all this stuff, it's fascinating :)!!!

  4. Is it weird to say as soon as I saw the thumbnail of your last YouTube video on your post, I instantly knew it was Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. Of course, I had to check :P

    Love your taste in music!
    -I :)