Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Grey days.

Utterly depressed. One of those days, I believe. Of course, it could be down to the fact that it is horribly grey outside and there hasn't been a hint of blue in the sky since yesterday, and that it's just that nasty kind of rain that isn't enough for you to get out an umbrella but still ends up soaking you.
And I stayed in the library to catch up on work and still feel waay far behind. *Sigh*
And we've started genetics. Which tends to melt my brain at the best of times. 
And I'm blogging because my head hurts and so I do not wish to face Tissues of the Body just yet, thank you very much.
And I don't think I can face another vegetarian meal. :| Twenty nine minutes and counting.
And it's windy! Like the weather could get any worse!
And I'm now homesick because of the nastiness of this weather and day. 
Okay, I shall leave this pointless monologue where it stands and look forward to the only good point of today- the HOMED event which is tonight. Obviously, have to come back and do Tissues of the Body, but I suppose it's gotta be done at some point.
Bring on the weekend. ¬_¬

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  1. Awww, Cheer up! Come on MSN tonight! I'll cheer you up with some mentally scarring stuff that's happened to me. At 9 in the morning. Almost threw up. It includes a 42 inch plasma, DVD, Pregnancy video. *shivers again with disgust*

    And I definitely know what you mean about the rain and umbrella thing. I don't wanna take the umbrella out and look like a complete idiot who can't take a sprinkle of rain, but by the time you've walked back to your room, you're soaked and wish you had.

    Don't be homesick! And lack of chicken is NOT good. Go find the nearest DIXY/Chicken Cottage...