Tuesday, 13 October 2009


This is a blatant attempt, orchestrated by my subconscious, to keep me away from my work.
That and the Leicester Blackboard site won't let me access any of the work :( But hey, can't be helped. Times like these, my cool-head-in-a-crisis ability comes in use. Improvisation...it's just what I do. Guess I'll just have to...eat and then have a nap.
Hurrah! Or 'Huzzah' as a rather fantastic block-mate said yesterday, when he remembered my name :D
I have nothing new to tell. Well, I have lots to tell but I'm supposed to be using my time more productively. So I'm going for dinner now :)
Hello to everybody, and I promise more coherent posts at some point


  1. Newcastle's Blackboard confuzzled me at first >_<
    I take it you also attend Improv-class a la Michael Scott?
    "We're at threat level midnight".
    Aaah dear.
    Update it properly soon.

    Emad =]

  2. Aunty em all over the place!14 October 2009 at 00:27

    Huzzah! Ur evolving into a 'pwopah' student. That
    what uni is all about, dodging work but
    don't dodge lectures, I bet they failed to mention excellent
    attendance is crucial, so don't listen to the 2nd year medics.
    Even if you fail all your exams at the end of semester x u ll hear
    the board ' cut the guy some slack , he she came to
    all my lectures. I'm babbling... On that cheery note...
    Glad to see you've got ur priorities right, I mean we need
    food right, fuel for the brain and all that, you go girl, just hope
    it's not another humous wrap!
    And you thought ur entries were incoherent! I'm gonna go... Yup...