Sunday, 6 December 2009

Myelinated/Unmyelinated axons.

The title isn't relevant, but that's what came up as a suggestion in the box when I started typing 'M...', and I was so amused that I decided to keep it :)
After over half of my readership (2 out of 3) contacted me with regards to updating my blog, I felt that I must respond to popular demand and oblige. So here I am, conveniently finding the time to update just as I finish my breakfast (prawn sandwich, chocolate Frijj, and a Muller Amore walnut and greek honey yoghurt, with mint matchmakers for dessert) and have no other excuse to avoid work.
Eid last week, and a four day weekend! Dayyamn, it felt good. Even if I still haven't caught up with the lectures I missed on Friday (yes, that's what I'm meant to be doing now). Nice to have the whole family round- it gets quiet in Leicester. And naturally, I stuffed my face. Oh, I forgot to mention the disastrous train journey home on the Thursday- a suicide on the line up ahead meant the train stopped for about an hour, then got diverted, then terminated in the middle of nowhere :| Not good. Just something about me and public transport.
I think I blogged about that time I slammed face first into a guy on the bus, during the first few weeks of uni..? Well, people, I did it again- except this time, I called the lift, and when it arrived I naturally stepped forward, only to find my face embedded in the jacket of the guy walking out of it. We simultaneously shouted 'Shit!', except my shout was noticeably muffled. Here's to social suicide.
Our first HOMED fundraiser thing is this week- yay! Collecting basic household items for 'welcome to your new home' packs for people who get moved into their own accomodation. And we're making it a competition between groups :) Woo
Oh, we had our communication skills seminar- finally had to interview the simulated patient about 'knee pain', in front of the rest of the group. Incredibly nerve wracking stuff. But apparently it wasn't evident that I was close to vomiting over the actress playing the patient, so this can only be a good thing.
Iplayer is still down! It hasn't worked for almost two weeks now! I cannot cope! *screams* I NEED to watch Spooks. And it was a Lucas episode last week too :( Bloody John Foster internet. They pick their times.
I have discovered a new tolerance for soup, despite the fact I used to detest it because it reminded me of illness and depression. However, I can now get through Minestrone with croutons quite happily. I do like croutons....
Oh, and I would like to note, for the record, that I haven't bitten my nails for over a month and now have visible nails! This is awesome. I give it til exam week.
And I finished a story! Or rather, finished the first draft. This is progress. 
Since Emad's posting music videos lately, I thought I'd go back to a classic Office clip (except I have no idea how to embed, so you'll just have to make do with a link) : 

The Office- Yeppers

Over and out :)

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  1. They are music videos you agree with though =P
    Stay away from that soup. That is incorrect soup.
    Watch The Thick of It instead. And by the time you're starting to watch it, your revision will be down the flusher >_<