Sunday, 20 December 2009

"I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies..."

Right, so I'm sat at my desk with fifty revision books/textbooks set out in front of me, and I can't quite bring myself to face enzymes and enzyme regulation just yet, thanks very much, so I'm avoiding it like the plague. Suffice it to say that today was a royal failure for revision, through no fault of my own, and I'm going to stop talking about revision now because it's depressing me.
On the plus side, I'm wearing the loveliest pair of grey striped wrist (forearm?) warmers known to man- they have holes for your thumb to go through! This, coupled with my fluffy slipper-boots, means I am so cosy it's unebelievable. *Loves*
SNOW! I'm always enchanted by snow. It's the way it sparkles- I am a sucker for anything that sparkles. And it's so deep! I may have got frostbite in my toes (still can't feel them, three hours later), but it was worth it :D I took waaay too many photos- the view from my bedroom window is epic, especially when it's all white (landscape racism...?)
Oh, and Emad made his first snowman today! I felt that it needed permanently recording, despite him not having elaborated on it yet. The world (or...the other three readers) should know, he has discovered his youth.
Sherlock Holmes next week! *Downey Jr happy attack* And Doctor Who! And Hamlet! I will find the time ¬_¬
OH! John Simm is going to play Hamlet at the Sheffield Crucible in September 2010!! I've never been to the theatre, and if the first time I went was to see him doing Hamlet, I do believe I might die of happiness. What a legend, and what a play :D So if ANYONE feels like they might owe me some huge debt (hey, it's possible), then look into it, and you'll shoot to the very top of my 'favourite people/people who do not intimidate me' list. How does that benefit you, you might ask? Well... I'll figure something out :) Currently my plan is, if nobody comes forward, to perform a spontaneous emergency tracheotomy on some unsuspecting passer by in the street, thus earning their gratitude, and guilt tripping them into buying me tickets. Anyone got a better idea?
Current obsessive phase- Green Day. I listened to Boulevard of Broken Dreams for the first time in years, and it brought it all flooding back. Dayyamn.
Also, plan on watching 'Let the Right One In' tonight. It's apparently good, have wanted to watch it for a while.
Right, I need to STOP procrastinating and get on with some work :(
*Drags feet*
Over and out... unless anyone's got something important to add, which would mean I'd have to stay and couldn't possiby return to my work...?


  1. Damn you! Now I have to *blog* about making a snowman. Will update later today. PFFT.
    And yes: get working lassy etc.

  2. You're beginning to scare me. The more I read your blogs the more it seems like you're an exact clone of me, right down to the creative writing, love of Hamlet and burning desire to see Sherlock Holmes!!!!!!!
    btw, how was your first term??? xxx