Thursday, 29 April 2010

Iridescence: reminds you of the kind of sound glitter would make when you threw it in the air, if glitter could make a sound.

My life has turned into an amorphous blob of nothingness, held together by occasional revision, and very rarely, something of use sticking in my head. Like right now, I can tell you that beta blockers reduce heart rate and force of contraction, so are used in treatment of angina to reduce the workload of the heart. I think.... *head in hands* Shit.
Oh, and I've failed to curb my language. Guess you saw that one coming. It's worse when I'm driving, trust me. I become an incredibly angry and sarcastic person when I am behind the wheel...which is bad, because I used to always laugh at my aunty for going all Hulk when she was driving. An exchange from several weeks ago:
Me (driving)- So, Mohammad, how was your-
*Pulling out of a junction, a woman doesn't give me way*
Brother- :|
Me- B-erm... ahem.
One exchange of many, I'm sorry to say. It's like a different person takes over.

OH, one thing I meant to blog about: Since I've been revising all day, the only free time I've had is after midnight, so I've been watching Life On Mars (the time travel police drama with John Simm that came out in about 2007). I've always been curious about it. And I finished it last night (it's two series). I can honestly say it's the best British television series I've seen. Really well thought out, incredibly bizarre so it keeps you guessing, quite touching at times, and with some brilliant humour. The ending of the series had me slightly teary. DCI Gene Hunt is a legend, and his one liners are the best since Terminator :D And John Simm, who was always a great actor, is pretty much flawless. And he's from Leeds, which is always a plus :D I would seriously recommend it. I'm going to buy it, and I never buy things- I'm Asian. So that's saying a lot.

And speaking of TV series, Doctor Who was better this week, thank God! I loved the killer last line of the episode :D You knew where it was going, but it was still killer. The soundtrack is pretty good too, I've warmed to the new theme tune. And the Weeping Angels are always a win. They do scare me.
All this watching and not moving has meant that I have acquired a significant amount of general flab, which is going nowhere. I thus make the resolution to get to a gym the second my exams are over, and not leave until September.
There is literally nothing else happening in my life, hence the lack of interesting things to blog about. I'm just having horrible, horrible visions of my future going down the drain. And I don't want to go back on Sunday :( It's been nice while it lasted, but I don't feel like I deserved to have any fun just in case I fail my exams. And I still haven't figured out a way to wear a stethoscope. Fail.
*Sigh* The pains of being constantly stressed, and prone to imagining worst case scenarios.
In more positive news, I decided to draw something today! I keep trying to write, but every time I start, I think 'I should be revising. I will regret this when I fail my exams.' Still, at least I'll have about a month to write, guilt free, in the Summer. Dayyamn. Bring on Summer.
I shall go now, and hope that life will be more exciting in the coming week.
Edited much later when I finally remembered:
Oh! My picture!

I wish I could draw in that style from scratch, but I copied it off my favourite artist on DeviantArt- Pyromaniac (aherm, co incidence). What a guy. His drawing is here.
Over and out!


  1. Wow. (We haven't had that one yet.)
    I'm just trying to figure out who has the lamer existence between you and I.
    (Spoiler alert: it's you.)

  2. Lmao at the road rage!

    ACQUIRED the Flab? That implies you didn't have it to begin with! :P Joking. Don't you dare go to a gym. All this being healthy stuff is overrated. Just remember, AEROBIC RESPIRATION! Simple. Done.


  3. That drawing attempt is pretty damn amazing! Am i the only one that appreciates u in this place n where is every1? Im only assuming its exam time. Anywho, u hv officially cnvrtd naeem to dr who, he now records in on sky plus n wtches it wth hasan who is not. surprsngly moved by the angels, i watch from afar, wndrng what al the fuss is abt, ok im tryng woman!! Same goes for avatar, i mean cum on!
    I did watch it n felt bad 4 bng honest cos fouziya is cmptly enchntd by it, so i mentioned the blu ray experience.
    Oh and i am so sori about yest, it was an unplanned visit, really!