Sunday, 18 April 2010

Not too Shabby.

Hello! I can't sleep, so I'm monologuing. I warn you now, I go off on a lot of tangents, so do not begin to read if this will discombobulate you. Yes, I have just discovered that I can colour words. I'm a sucker for novelty.
I guess I should address the obvious: my blog's new outfit. It's all part of my Summer Wardrobe Initiative. I am attempting to expand my wardrobe, for the first time in my life, beyond black/grey. Not that there's owt wrong with black/grey. There are strict criteria that anything being considered for my Summer Wardrobe has to meet:
1. I must decide to buy it, but then put it back on two separate occasions before I am allowed to properly buy it.
2. Baby steps, people. When I say expanding beyond black/grey, I mean I'm looking for predominantly black/grey clothes, with a hint of other colours in them.
3. Hell will freeze over before I buy skinny jeans.
So far, the Summer Collection consists of a white and green scarf, and... well, yes. That's it. It's a very new initiative.
So yeah, a lot's happened in a month. I suppose bullet pointing it is the best option:
  • Myself and the brother were ambushed in the library by a strange, bespectacled (awesome word win!) man, who saw that I was trying to revise in peace, so naturally sat down at our table and proceeded to tell me the history of the universe. No, literally. He told me the history of the universe. For two hours. I kid you not. A small snippet (awesome wo- okay, I'll stop) of the conversation with him:
Man: So in the 60s, when I was studying Physics... *pauses* I'm breaking the Official Secrets Act by telling you this.
Me: Don't feel obliged to break the Official Secrets Act!
Man: Ah, I don't give a monkey's. *Leans forward, lowers his voice* I spotted a mistake in Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
Suffice it to say I'm never going to the library again.
  • Went to Scotland! Easter weekend was spent somewhere near Dundee, and was lovely, mainly because we took my grandma too, and she's adorable. And Scotland's not too shabby when the sun comes out, which it did, thank God. It's nice to just sit and do nothing with the family, after nine weeks of stress and the promise of three weeks, then four more years of stress ahead. Woo.
  • Not too shabby has been my new favourite phrase for about a week, and they said it on Doctor Who today!
  • Doctor Who! Is AWESOME. Or at least, Matt Smith is an awesome actor, I was genuinely impressed, even though I was rooting for him before he even started, because he got so much stick when people found out he was the next Doctor. He's wicked. Though today's episode wasn't as good as the last two...I hope they keep up the great-ness. He deserves well written scripts- today's was...well, a bit shabby. What a word. I do love using it. *says out loud for effect*
  • Last week was spent with Aunty Em, Hasan and Baby bear, who came down for the week! Revision fail, but an awesomeness win. Activities included being puked on by Baby bear, who decided to upchuck on my cardigan, then my mattress, destroying, no, obliterating both; learning more about Hasan's toilet habits than I ever cared to know; very VERY late night conversations with Aunty Em about nothing in particular; a Chocolate Sundae at Charlotte's Ice Cream Parlour- heaven on earth; and a disaster of a family meal at Pizza Hut which resulted in 3 babies screaming the place down. I got my cookie dough though, so not so much of a disaster.
Okay, I feel I've outstayed my welcome, and this will be hard to read what with the new narrow text layout, so I'll stop talking now and update my next blog with anythign I've forgotten. Who am I kidding.
All in all though, loving the Easter holidays :D Let's just hope the revision I've done so far doesn't decide to leak out my ears. It's happened before ¬_¬
I'll leave you with that delightful imagery.
Roger, over and out.


  1. I think you'd look good in skinnies ;)
    haha my wardrobe has bright yellow in it...i love summer with a vengance(sp?) :D

  2. How strange it is you comment on my blog and update yours for the first in years at the same time, wow!
    You called your blog layout an "outfit"? No, JUST NO.
    As for the skinny jeans. Well, once my dolphin policy comes into effect I think you should also adhere to buying a pair of skinny jeans as it clearly is your "thing".
    The new scarf you described is clearly representing the flag of the country in which you were born (yeah, I said it!), ahem.
    Ha, Doctor Who. I take it Matt Smith is someone you think is "cool"? Pfft. Like we haven't had the discussion about "cool" people already.
    I used a form of "obliterate" recently! Damn you!
    So not one good thing to say really, other than well done on updating your blog. Nothing wrong with a monologue but just bad timing! After all, where the hell was the mention of the politics?! =P

    And it's "vengeance".

  3. Oh, and you said "owt".
    You know we have a policy on this kind of thing...
    Fix it.

  4. Rabiya- Never. Ever. And well done on bright yellow- I'd never be that brave. As I said, baby steps. Ahem. :)

    Emad- Well...yes, it was in no way a cheap tactic to get you to comment on my blog. In NO way.
    Skinny jeans are the most awful invention on earth. And yes, I have a Paki scarf.
    He is cool! In his own words, 'Bow ties are cool.' And a masterful hairstyle if there ever was one.
    Oh, and I'm leaving the 'owt'. I make no apologies for being a Northern peasant.
    Have you ever had a good thing to say, though? Really?

  5. You know very well I thrive on uber-optimism.
    Beside that, I am also semi-awesome.

  6. I love your new blog outfit! seriously cool! And i say owt too, there is owt wrong with owt ya know :P

  7. Awesome, hilarious tht u meet the best of these characters, they must lie in wait, okay tht sounds creepy! Wht i mean is wthout scaring you into next week is you hv an affinity for them. If it makes it any better i hv the same prblm wth old people. Last week i carried baby bear into the local co op n was
    surrounded by a group of old pple cooeing over baby bear. They did ask if they could coo first to be fair. This time they didnt offer money! Oh and the lighter coloured clothes suit. X

  8. You scare me by sounding more and more like me everyday. It really is getting creepy. I mean, expanding your wardrobe so it isn't just black and grey...well, lets just say finding bright summer clothes was on my list for this summer too...xx

  9. How is it that I didn't find this earlier?
    Sounds like you had fun, I don't have a black/grey wardrobe alhumdulilah got lots of colors but I tend to stick with the black/grey lol. Go figure.
    So what was the mistake in Einstein's Theory of Relativity? I'm curious lol.
    ps. What happened to the other blog?

  10. Smiley- Thank you, and damn right, there's nowt wrong with saying owt :D

    Aunty Em- Baby bear is deserving of this cooing, due to his cuteness. This weird guy only gravitated to my table because I had an anatomy textbook on display. Dammit. I DO seem to have an affinity for psychos...

    Despondent Medic- Thank you, and I know. Stay out of my head! (Not really, I love having a virtual twin, it's awesome). :D

    Amira- Hello! Well apparently he saw a video of Einstein stood in front of a set of blackboards with the formula written out all across them. And he saw a mistake in the maths at one point of the formula.
    Who knows, maybe I'm breaking the Secrets act? What if he wasn't crazy? lol.
    What other blog? I just changed the layout to my blog... New and imrpoved etc.