Thursday, 18 March 2010

Excuse me, I'm lost, I desperately need to find a Pizza Express. I am not a fat slob. Really.

I thought I'd take advantage of my semi-good mood and blog. Yes, I do tread lightly around myself. I wouldn't want to make me angry :| Who knows what kind of passive aggressive monster I might unleash. 
Yes. One of *those* moods.
I should be working. But then, I think once you start medicine, you're in a constant , literally constant, state of 'should be working'. You can't even get to sleep without feeling guilty for not cramming in a last bit of revision by recording yourself reciting muscle attachments into a dictaphone, to play to yourself overnight. Then again, that reminds me of a Dexter's Lab episode (nostalgia reference win!) where he tries to learn French overnight by listening to a 'learn French' tape as he sleeps, but it gets stuck on the guy saying 'Omelette du fromage'. And when he wakes up, that's the only phrase he can say. I don't want to be stuck saying 'Flexor digitorum superficialis' for the rest of my life :|, I've forgotten what point I was trying to make there. ANYhoo. 
An inserted injoke: May God bless you with many beautiful children.
An explanation- Jamie's idea- the aim was to insert it at random into a conversation with someone for points. I have not succeeded yet. 
I wish to watch Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, and Green Zone. Anyone free? Quite happy to go watch them myself if not. Let's face it, it's the Ben and Jerry's that counts.  Screw the company.
So I spent all day today out in the Saffron Estate, which I guess is a deprived area of Leicester, or in any case, there's a lot of gaps in healthcare there. Despite the fact we were trailing all over the place and were shattered by 5, I kind of enjoyed it. We got to meet a patient living in the area and interview them about what kind of help they got, which was isn't the right word when they have so many problems. But it's always best when you meet individuals- you actually see what you're working towards, and appreciate what people have to cope with, which will help you when you treat these kind of people in future. You see, I got from this what we're meant to have got from this, can I skip the reflective writing essay now?!
Dissection. Let's just say nobody wants to dissect the gluteal region. Or place their hands on the gluteal regions of others in order to test how the hip does not drop when the opposite leg is raised. Just: no.
Speaking of muskuloskeletal... I should be-
No. I shall continue to blog until it is too late to do work. 
There was something really major that I wanted to blog, and I've totally forgotten it...
Emad acted as a personal sat nav yesterday (with the help of Google Maps) when I was lost (hopelessly, utterly lost) in the middle of Leicester. This was a brilliant win, and I was very quickly un-lost. Thank you muchly.
A small message to aunty em, should you read this before I speak to you: I'm sorry! Our.phonecalls have not crossed paths yet, but they WILL! One day! *Much love*
Whoa, summat weird has happened to my cursor... the top of the arrow's split off and moved down for some reason. I think it's a sign I should stop talking. And work. *sigh* Gits. 
OH I REMEMBERED WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY- I visited my patient on Monday, and a dog was present :| Said dog was adorable, but proceeded to lick my jeans to death in a manner that can only be described as voracious. Oooft. Damn right I just used that word. Sometimes I surprise myself. Anyway, being unaccustomed as I am to dog saliva, I now have a brand new pair of jeans *Thumbs up*. Gunna be an expensive next few patient visits, I can tell you that.
Oh, and the Kite Runner is an awesome book so far.
I'm gunna shut up now. I think it's for the best. 


  1. Crikey, I thought I stretched my posts with pointless bullet-statements but you (yes, named food coming up...!) "took the biscuit".
    Ah dear.
    Did I tell you Bruce Almighty was on AGAIN this past weekend or so? Awesome-sauce.
    Glad you're doing something incredibly charitable though I am not surprised =]
    Also: dissection. You...actually inserted your hands in...the...ahem...region? Seriously? Cool =P
    And well done on the size 18 jeans. Ahem.
    And The Kite Runner!
    Okay, I too shall stop.

  2. we have pizza express here...cute blog

  3. I like dissecting things.
    Shoving my hands in all the nooks and crannies of the carcasses is an enjoyable experience for me.
    So I know where you're coming from.