Friday, 5 March 2010

I am Jack's malfunctioning ear.

I have gone deaf in one ear. This is the current story of my life. Consequently, every sound in my head is magnified, to the point where I ate coco pops on Monday morning, and thought I was experiencing a small earthquake. It also makes crackly noises at unexpected times, which causes me to jump. The ear drops, which I put in just as it was improving slightly, had the not-entirely-anticipated effect of rendering me completely deaf in that ear. ¬_¬ Why, I ask you. Why. 
Also, my group turned against me and, realising that I've kept a low profile whenever presentations come up, have bullied me into the task of delivering half our group presentation on Monday.  I will pass out, and that will be the last you hear from me. 
We learnt the term 'intermittent claudication' today- leg pain on exercise. Matt (groupmate) went on to kill Red Hot Chilli Peppers for us by singing it to the tune of Californication. (She says she's got a pain in her leg but it's intermittent claudication...etc). On the plus side, I'll never forget it now.
My ear just crackled again! :| 
I've been home three weekends now, so this weekend I'm in Leicester, staying strong and doing work *Sigh*. Last weekend was utterly awesome though- picked up by the Wolverhampton crew at half 9, it got to half 12 and we were just outside Wolverhampton :| Roadworks etc. So we stayed in Wolves overnight- ALWAYS fun, especially since Hasan was far too excited at me staying, and baby bear just...well, he just did puppy dog eyes :D And 'sleep' when aunty Em is involved tends to mean 'stay up til half 4 catching up, eventually going off on a bizarre tangent and falling asleep mid conversation'. Much fun indeed.
There goes my ear again! Argh!
Oh, and I've realised the song I really liked but didn't know the name of is Mr Brightside by the Killers, which apparently everyone has been raving about :| I had no idea.
The Office is back! :D
I'm reading a book! This is awesome. It's been SO long since I read a new book.. in fact I think the last one was a Chelsea Cain one over summer. I just haven't had time/stamina since, but am now reading The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith- sequel to Child 44, which apparently Ridley Scott has bought film rights for :D Woo! Russia books for the win.
Oh, and Snatch is funny. I'm prepared to give Guy Ritchie films/Jason Statham a chance. 
Right. Must be orf. Nothing more interesting to report except that I have an oral exam (AGAIN) on all the anatomy we've leant on Wednesday, and I know nothing :| Bones = fine, but the arteries/nerves kill me.  Dammit! Bring on Easter.
Over and out. 

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  1. People liked that song by The Killers a few years ago when it was released moite. They've had a few albums since then...catch up dudette.
    Also: welcome to the "deaf in one ear club"! Although are you only a temporary member...