Friday, 20 August 2010

Illness makes me Grouchy.

So Ramadhan is here, and everyone Muslim is blogging about food. Please stop making me hungry. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be on here that much in ramadhan anyway.. Lesson learnt.
 I have had a horrible cough for two weeks now (Thank you Baby Bear. Though I'd still see you again - totally worth it). For the last week it has accompanied a weird, constant leg ache that reeeeeeeeally annoys me. What does leg ache have to do with a cough?! So now I am finally, after two weeks of insisting it was a random cough that would blow over, on antibiotics.

Me: Will they mess up my stomach?
Dad: Have you had them before?
Me: Not in years.
Dad: Then we'll see.
Goodbye, stable digestive system.

I have nothing else noteworthy to share because illness has consumed my life. I can't write- I literally, LITerally have no ideas. And the routine of Ramadhan tends to consume all other activities. Though in fairness I've refused to go out anywhere. Going to the supermarket in ramadhan just kills me. Even salad looks appetising. And that's a sad state of affairs.
OH. I got one of those chain messages today.  I might as well have the rant that was mentally bothering me since I got it:
Please, PLEASE do not forward those crappy chain messages that say something like this:

On the *Insert date*, there will be a protest in *Insert perceived racist country, eg Denmark*, where they will parade insulting pictures of our Prophet. We Muslims must organise our own protests to condemn this terrible event. Forward this to every muslim you know because our Prophet said *Insert made-up Hadith about how people who don't forward chain messages will burn*

There are..well, many problems with these messages and the people who forward them, but let me point some out.
1. Most of the world wasn't aware of that Protest in Denmark/wherever, until your little forwarded message got every Muslim up in arms to the point that they made several thousand angry Facebook groups about it. Now that loads of other morons have found out about it, they're thinking, awesome, why don't we do it here too?
2. Angry Muslims who go up in arms about verbal insults do not help with combatting the sterotype about Muslims being angry people who get up in arms about verbal insults.
3. You are much more likely to burn for forwarding a made up Hadith.

The same principle goes for moronic facebook groups like 'BAN THE GROUP F*** ISLAM'. Well, people, you join that, and the group 'F*** Islam' thanks you kindly for just extending its publicity to your whole friends list, and for boosting its member count. Please do not be so stupid.

Don't get me wrong. I'm as hurt/shocked as anyone by the hatred displayed by these people. But the only people benefitting from you spreading the word with this kind of stuff are A) The ones who set up the groups/organise the protests, and  B) Facebook/Your phone company.

Rant over. 
Sorry. Some things just make me angry, and when I'm angry I go all passive aggressive.
I'll post interesting things next time :D

Oh, and Emadness asked who Baby Bear is:

Meet Ibrahim. The youngest member of the Wolves Crew. His perpetually victimised expression never fails to win me over. Aunty Em, I hope you do not mind me exploiting his cuteness.


  1. I've had the same rant so many times. Stupid groups. Stupid angry people. Don't they realise that they're just boiling the blood of a whole generation of Muslims who are going to grow up thinking the only way to combat this sort of stuff is to protest/fight, thus making it harder for the sane people amongst us?
    Sorry, I just ranted up your comment box.
    And I'll stop food bloggin :)
    Hope you feel better soon :D

  2. There there my dear.
    Just eat all of the salad and you'll feel just fine.
    Also: who on earth is "Baby Bear"?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Baby bear is ' the youngest member of the wolves crew' Jeeez people skim over the particulars! Rant over! C what uv started Hum now wr all ranting about ranting. Oh and I may have forwarded one of those messages to you in the past. Okay I'm going! Rant rant rant...
    Cute baby by the way. Ahhhh

  4. Awww baby Ibrahim is sooo cute!! mashallah xx

  5. Hope youre feeling better!

    I can understand your annoyance with chain messages and fb groups, im not very fond of them myself, esp the chain messages. You musta seen those where it goes somethingsomethingsomething send this to 10 people and you will have good luck for the next 12 years blah blah, what rubbish.

    && Ibrahim is adorable, mashAllah! :D I like his bib!

  6. Aunty Em- LOL, no need to rant at Emad, I posted the picture of Ibrahim after he asked :P

    It's complicated- Very much agree with your rant ¬_¬ And he is rather lovely isn't he :D Bless

    Emadness- How dare you suggest I turn to salad. These are desperate times, but not THAT desperate. pffft. :)

    Anonymous- Thank you and I don't know who you are and this makes me a little paranoid... @_@

    Smiley- A little better thanks. Yeah I know the kind. They raise my blood pressure ¬_¬ And yes, his bib is a win! :D lol

  7. Aunty Em (in the dog house)24 August 2010 at 00:50

    Hello... So sorry for badly timed rant. Sori emad, I'm nice really, hum had a rhythm going with the ranting and I kinda got carried away. It wasn't really aimed at you. :-(

  8. It's okay Aunty Em.
    The damage had already been done. I cried myself to sleep today at 5am.
    (P.S. Humaira keeps saying how lovely you are =] )

  9. Awww she said that, im touched. weve got a fantastic relationship. Anyway shes told me your kinda ok too... i lie. She rates you pretty high as a friend :-) See now shes gonna kill me cos ths is obviously something you guys dont do. Happy Fasting.

  10. Okay, I believe order has been restored and everyone's happy now, lol :P We will have no talking about me like I'm not here!

  11. *Ignores Humaira*
    Humaira is aware of how nice I am to her but refuses to return the favour sometimes. Completely unlike her, wouldn't you agree?
    I jest.
    Happy Ramadhan to you too Aunty Em =)

  12. *Shakes head at humaira* shocking! You poor thing. I'm sure it's not all bad. There there. Pick up your pride there, there it is, lying in that corner. *tuts at humaira* :-o

  13. You have to remember, Humaira is also rocking in her chair in the corner, uttering disturbing phrases and generally acting psychotic.
    Which is normal for her.

  14. Aunty Em ( referee)26 August 2010 at 09:54

    This has turned into a slanging match! what have I started?! *slopes off quietly*

  15. *Retreats Sam Fisher style*

  16. Errm... Hello?!

  17. Stop blackmailing me aunty, I WILL WRITE A NEW BLOG POST SOON! ¬_¬