Friday, 27 August 2010

One does not simply walk into Mordor.

It has been a melancholy sort of a day. One of those eerily quiet ones, where it's all sunny and everything is still. I turned the fan on in my room, and now don't want to turn it off because it's the only background noise around. I don't think I've spoken more than about 5 words out loud since I woke up.
So yes, despite having a less-than-interesting life, I am blogging due to excessive blackmail from my Aunty Em. Here is the lowdown on life at the moment:
  • I have dredged up the beginnings of an old story from my Documents, and have decided it's worth carrying on with, rather than starting something new (as I have no new ideas). I rather like it, but surprise myself with how depressing the subject matter of my stories tend to be. I can't write about happy people! That must point to some kind of neurosis...
  • My cough remains stubbornly here, and I have now progressed onto those kinds of high strength medicines that tell you not to operate heavy machinery after you take them. I shall keep that in mind. 
  • The cough medicines mean that I tend to be either sleepy, or asleep. Constantly.
  • The sleepy state means that I have no control over my texting ability. And am liable to send drunken texts without actually being drunk. Who knew, that after laughing at my friends for their pratfalls whilst gazeboed (as Michael Macintyre puts it), I too would wake up every morning and go through my 'sent' box with a serious sense of dread?
  • I have realised that I am really very nervous about moving into a house, after a year of basically isolating myself in my room. I will have to leave my room :| This scares me.
  • I have realised that I am actually kind of looking forward to being a second year, minus house issues. This is an achievement because I have never looked forward to anything in my life without nerves overshadowing the excitement. I worry a lot. But this is the first time the nerves have been outdone! HA! TAKE THAT, WORST-CASE-SCENARIO CENTRE IN MY BRAIN!
  • I am wearing purple today. Yep. Noteworthy.
  • Community is indeed very, very good. What little I've seen of it. 
  • The Kiersey/Myers Briggs personality indicator test thingy is scarily accurate but can make you obsess a bit.
  • I have been sat for the last ten minutes trying to think of another point, which surely speaks for itself.
So that's all I have, except for resurrecting (again) the See Also section.

See Also: My biohazard of a bookshelf, Yoghurt, food-obsession, being scared of phoning people, eyeliner, cleaning, tidying, cooking (and burning), Afghani Taxi Drivers playing less-than-appropriate Jay Sean tracks in the car and making us very uncomfortable, depressing discussions, and further melancholy.

Over and out!


  1. Arhh flutter flutter... Like a bird being set free from humairas non approved comment bin/cage thingy! Ehrm.
    Don't worry about the whole living in a house thing. Ull be fine. I reckon you won't get as homesick. It will be fun and just think if housemates are keen cooks, well imagine coming home to a cooked meal after a long day at uni, bliss. Oh and I will show you how to make tuna pasta. Me and naeem still make it now and again. Yum. Oh and great to have you writing again! X best of luck with that.
    'ello Emad!

    Ps. ' ello Emad!

    'ello emad!

  2. Hummus: do NOT place restrictions on your comments unless they're offensive! Pfft! =P
    Erm...these have been elaborated lol. MYERS-BRIGGS! LEGENDARY! I am going to try to befriend a psych student at uni just to get a better insight into...all this shizzle. And then realise they would have made a file on me and my idiosyncrasies. Oh yeah, paranoia lives on...
    Tuna is always a plus. As is pasta. And together, an ultimate win.
    Therefore: HELLO AUNTY EM!!

  3. Well said Emad, 'ello again! Tuna pasta is great, disallowing non offensive comments is not! Oh and hasan (baby bears brother ) comparing his plate of tuna pasta to ' dinner for the fish' he just fed to our fish earlier! Not gud! Ps have u seen the time? We need to sleep more!

  4. The house thing will be ok, or at least, that's what I keep telling myself! Hope your cold gets better soon. Another similarity - the ability to only write depressing stuff! I couldn't write a happy poem (or a happy anything) to save my life! Hope your cold gets better soon :D

  5. *a meek hello* im sorry, i think ive caused you both to argue. please dont.

  6. Please do not mistake our bickering for a fallout, lol. General rule: the nastier it sounds, the better the state of the friendship :D

  7. Oh, and itscomplicated: Thank you, and let me again appreciate the scariness of us being the same person :D

  8. Argh, I hate that shitty MBTI. I swear we spent what seemed like hours doing that in a seminar, me complaining all the way through that this was not going to help me on my path to become a Doctor and refusing to do it, then doing it, then quite surprised that it was kind of accurate. But overall, I hate it. lol


  9. hello saf, sori aunty em here, humairas aunty, but im not like 102 or owt. Anyway, if you hate tuna, tuna pasta must be like devil food to you. Chicken pasta then? oh and do you love or hate marmite?
    hello Emad! :)

  10. Pfft Saf!
    Tuna pasta wins!

  11. Emad, why the capital letters? Is it because 1. U thnk I maybe hard of hearing or b. U feel liberated like me when humaira approves ur comment? Oh and love or hate marmite? Hi humaira, feel free... It is after all ur blog. Ehrrm.

  12. Yes, because my comments have become some kind of forum.
    Well, because this is my blog (*Shock horror*) I get the final say here:
    Tuna = neutral. A win in small amounts.
    Tuna pasta = Win
    Chicken Pasta = A divine sign that God loves us.
    Marmite = Not suitable for human consumption.

  13. Aunty Em - the answer was b.
    Especially as I agree with pretty much everything Hummus said. Apart from tuna. That's a massive win. Then again I'm "big tuna". Ah, The Office. Brilliant.

  14. Tuna mayo on a jacket potato with melted butter and plenty of seasoning, I think iv died and gone to tuna heaven! Yes I agree with both of u, tuna stays! Oh and I'm glad it's b. Wr all friends here in humairas blog which is turning into a forum. Whooops. Sorry humaira. I will now stay low until ur next entry.

  15. Hi Aunty Em! Do we just all call you Aunty now? In true Asian style... Everyone female is Aunty and Male is Uncle

    Anyway, Chicken Pasta = BEAUTIFUL! I could eat that all day long. Humaira wouldn't believe me, knowing how skinny I am, but still I LOVE IT!

    Marmite = HATE.

    Haha, love the 'Im not like 102 or owt'. I believe you... *shifty look*