Friday, 8 October 2010

The Spider Crusades

SO, I have officially been here for a week and...2 days! And am going home today, hence delirious happiness, so let me sum up the past week and a bit whilst the mood is all good.

  • The house is quite awesome, and cosy, and little. My room has been made all homely with my own cushions and duvet, and black and white New York skyline posters, and is close to the kitchen and bathroom so I don't have to really move much at all :) Which is the best way.
  • My housemates are lovely, and this means I actually feel comfortable, which is amazing. Seriously, I'm so happy that I can leave my room, as opposed to last year when I used to have panic attacks about going into the kitchen (See previous blog posts for evidence of this). I didn't realise how much pressure that was putting on me last year, but the contrast now is huge.
  • We had a slight...spider incident. It transpired as follows (because I'm a bit addicted now to these step by step scenes)
9:30am. H wakes up facing the ceiling, and sees what appears to be a massive black hand with too many fingers, crouching on aforementioned ceiling. Right above H

H has a silent heart attack. 

Somehow, H slides out of bed and moves, camouflage style, out of room to go and get J (Housemate). 
H: I really, really need your help with something.
J: ... :| ?
H: There is a. Huge. Spider. On my ceiling.
J: Oh God... I'll get the broom.
(It is important to note that at this point neither of us knew where the vacuum cleaner was, because we'd just moved in and couldn't find it anywhere. Hence the broom.)

J enters H's room, brandishing broom. Sees spider.
J: Holy F***

Several moments of hysterical nervous chatter and in J's case, semi screaming, about how to do this. It is decided that H will leave the room, since her legs are actually shaking and the adrenaline dump has turned her to jelly, whilst J will attack the spider. The two girls say their last goodbyes.

J: You will owe me your life for this.
H: I will. You will be my hero.

H steps out into hallway. Distant sound of J psyching herself up and muttering swear words.


(In J's defence, she's the mildest person on the planet and I've never heard her swear before in the year that I've known her. These were very individual circumstances)
H runs back into room: What! What the hell happened?!
J, still hysterical and screaming: OH MY GOD I DID IT ITS DEAD BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT IS.

Moment of pure horror. 
H: You mean it's here somewhere and it's Not. Dead.?!
J: I...I think it's dead... It fell...? :|
H looks around at empty floor. Something huge and black shifts slowly behind the bookcase.
H: Oh Shit
J screams for a short while: OKAY, OKAY I'm going to do it. You shift the bookcase and I'll kill it
H's legs are giving out, so she leans against bed, and braces self, and shifts bookcase. The huge black thing runs out into the open.
Spider runs out into hallway like a huge black..spidery thing. J chases after it (it is so huge that it's actually faster than her) with the broom, the crashing sounds alternating with screams to the effect of: OH F*** NO ARGH NO ARGH KILL IT KILL IT OH NO-
Then.. J:  It's done. Oh, god, oh, god it's done *Voice actually cracks into tears*

Both girls reunite, totally shellshocked and shaking like leaves. 
H: You are my hero. I owe you my life.
J: You do. 

There were actually two further spider incidents the very same day- one was BIGGER than the one in my room, and was in the housemate's room, and since I owed her my life, I had to do the honours. Suffice it to say I lost another life. The next spider was found half an hour later, but was only a quarter of the size, so by then we were no longer spider amateurs. We could handle it. Seriously though, absolute terror. The house hadn't been disturbed in several months, so clearly they all came out into the open when we started shifting stuff around. No further incidents as of yet :|

Continuing with my bullet points then!

  • I didn't have Pepsi in a whole week, because I thought a great way to curb the addiction was to just not buy myself any. Which worked fine until I was tempted on Wednesday @_@ With a buy 1 get 1 free offer. Still, I don't actually want any more so it might just work!
  • Making my own food is weeeeeeeeeeeeeird. But awesome. I haven't really *cooked* anything as of yet, I've just been making sandwiches and grilling them (in my AMAZING George Foreman mini grill), or stirring sauces into pasta. But next week I shall! Yay! And Aunty Em, I shall be using those recipes *thumbs up*.
  • We started uni on Monday, and this semester looks like actual murder. Every module just looks horrendously hard, with waaay too much to learn and some seriously difficult stuff. My spare time for the next year has gone down the drain, but at leats I had a nice holiday where I did enough nothingness to make up for this year :) 
  • I'm going to be 20 in less than a month! :O WHAT THE HELL, MAN.
 Oh yeah: I had to go to the hospital to get assigned a patient, and whilst sat in the hospital cafe, I was thinking about stereotypes, because we had a lecture on how we stereotype people the day before. And so I was trying not to judge people because, you know, that's kind of what you do when you start people watching. However, this is more difficult than one thinks, especially when people conform to their stereotype so well. There were actually tables of the different groups in the cafe:

On the furthest table from me sat the Junior Doctors: All with stethoscopes round their necks, wafer-thin, rubbing their eyes, eating like they hadn't in days, and nervously chattering whilst throwing venomous glances over at the other tables. 
On the opposite side of the cafe sat the trainee surgeons: all in scrubs, with a faintly cut throat look in their eyes when they looked at each other. None of them were smiling, their hair was messed up from their caps, and clearly, none of them had slept. Probably ever.
There was a tableof the doctors who were out of their Foundation years, and clearly training towards being consultants: all had lost their hair, or had lost most of it and then shaved their heads, despite being relatively young. All wore stripy half sleeved shirts and glasses. I mean, what was going on?!
Then there was the consultants table: all in ill-fitting suits (ill fitting because they were seriously overweight), and eating with complete disregard of each other, or of the longing glances they were getting from the younger doctors.

I was very amused. Clearly, the heirarchy still exists, and clearly people sometimes just grow into stereotypes, no matter how much they don't want to be pigeonholed.

So that is the end of me rambling, despite feeling like there were other major things I had to write. Still. I shall include them next time when I remember them.

Also, this is an AWESOMELY feel good song. :D :D And he has a great voice.



  1. That is a song from ME to YOU! PFFT!!
    I grant you permission. But only just.
    "H" and "J"? Seriously? We know your name Hummus Dip and I'm preeeetty sure J has been mentioned in full before. Unless you were just lazy to type the names out in full.
    MY GRILL IS AWESOMER! Though effectively, the same.
    And well done. Because you say you are bald're on your way to become a consultant also?? =P
    I have awesome recipes also! I must thank Aunty Em. Who also likes the font options in Micrsoft Word lol.
    I cannot belive YOU'RE going to be twenty. In fact, I find it weirder than Saffy being twenty...!

  2. Ewww to the spider incidents. But good on you, and your housemate, for your attack :D Buy a bug catcher, they're seriously awesome, although you have to get close enough to them to catch them and they have to be small enough to fit...saved our life last week though!
    Have fun at home :D

  3. your post made me giggle so much! i know the feeling of having a panic attack everytime you go in the kitchen, that was me last year too! and the spider thing- ALWAYS happens- my Mum always "thinks" she has killed it. so are you a medical student then?

  4. Hey what an awesome blog! Spiders are really not that scarey (gulps). Yey to you settling into your house. Hope you have a great weekend at home too. Oh and 'ey up' emad. R u back at uni 2? enuf of the p?!@ take. I was overly keen and I'm a teacher and teachers do these sad little things! Hope you like the recipes. I'm gonna send you a couple more H, so forward them to emad. This time I will use one boring font! Times New Roman. oh and H, I love the little dialogue thing you do. All the best for the coming year. X

  5. I wasn't making fun of the font changes! In fact, it was a certain Humaira who commented on the fonts, not I! I look forward to testing out the recipes sooooon...!
    And the more the merrier! Sehr danke =)

  6. Emad: If I was saying it was shite, I could understand your objection. Permission was never extended to good songs, due to mutual understanding that they are good. Also: I was too lazy to type the names out. And I am bald, yes. And I find it weirder than Saf too! WHAT THE HELL AGAIN.

    IC: I looked up bug catchers, and don't think I'd have the guts to get close enough! Plus these were mutated spiders, I swear ¬_¬ SERIOUSLY huge.

    HHH- Creative name going on there :P Ah, it's always worst when they disappear @_@ I once moved into the spare bedroom for several months for that reason. And yeah, second year now :) I'd woo, but the lack of sleep/life would give me away, lol.

    Aunty Em- The fonts are what make them so amazing! I commented to Emad that you had been creative with them, lol, but I love them for it. :D Weekend at home going great so far but I miss you guys! :/ Thank you in advance for any further recipeness, and much love to Baby bear and Hasan :D