Tuesday, 26 October 2010

4 letters: "Big cat".... *Nonplussed silence*

Yes. Doing crosswords across a distance of about 200 miles is incredibly sad, and yet fun! As demonstrated by my now-ruined refill pad, which is what happens when the other person has the actual crossword in front of them:

So yeah! In other news, life is going... well, it's just going. Literally, seeping away. We're in week 4 already: WHAT THE HELL.
I have been alternating between full on end-of-life depression and I-can't-do-this-I'm-in-the-wrong-degree, full on end-of-life stress and oh-my-god-my-brain-just-set-on-fire, and (very rarely- well, just once actually) full on manic happiness and hello-world-I'm-Tyrannosaurus-Alan-and-I'm-going-to-eat-you-for-breakfast. It was a sunny day. It had weird effects on me.

Yeah. It's been a wreck month due to work overload and life deprivation, and I've realised for definite I can't do longer than fortnights because I start unconsciously rocking and talking to myself towards the end of the second week and I don't want to see what would happen to me if I tried to stay a bit longer.

I have been trying to do better, though. Naturally, being a wreck in the beginning of year 2 doesn't bode well for year 3, 4, 5 and life. So I attempted to take measures to de-stress: I have officially started morning walks! Well.. on days when the weather isn't wet, because that'd be even more depressing. But still! It's nice to be alone and mentally write stories and..you know..be weird. I had another de-stress measure but have forgotten it, DAMMIT. Though I was also thinking of trying a new skill- Jamie gave me the instructions for a crochet penguin, so I'm going to teach myself crocheting :D And learning sign language would be awesome too... But that's probably unrealistic what with the lack of time to even eat these days.

Did I mention I'd developed a tea addiction? I don't even like tea :| I swore I never would, but it's because I've stopped having Pepsi, and so I think my brain just susbtituted it with another addiction. :/ Fail.
I shall make a list of things that have cheered me up recently in order to make this more upbeat!

  • Seeing the family and the Wolves crew this weekend- Catching up with the brothers and dad, my mum falling asleep on my bed (and me almost falling off) on Friday night, chatting with Aunty Em until 4am, having very strange conversations with Hasan; the birthday party and Hasan's Toy Story cake (!!!), and just appreciating how adorable and bear-like Baby Bear is.
  • Making notes with my coloured pens which are AWESOME, and make notemaking so much more bearable! :D
  • 200 mile crosswords and other sad things
  • ....That's about it! I feel saddened by this knowledge. Still, they were damn good in themselves.
I have nothing more of interest left to say. I wish I did, because you know, I like to ramble, but there's nothing. Unless I've forgotten it... That's pretty likely. My brain is frazzled.

A good endpoint, I believe. My brain is frazzled. I will blog more comprehensively when I can think in a more linear fashion.

OVER AND OUT before I bore even myself to death! :)


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!
    And quick crosswords are the future!

  2. Never think that you're sad for doing a crossword, even if it is over 200 miles. Crossword doers are not sad, they're just misunderstood.
    Don't worry, it's just the transition that's making you all frazzled (I love that word). Give it a few more weeks, take it one day at a time, give yourself little treats and things to look forward to (I've started having breakfast at Starbucks on odd days!). Hang in there. It always turns out alright in the end.
    Make sure you post a picture of your crochet penguin :D
    *virtual hug* :D

  3. Humaira... will you please blog?!!!