Saturday, 13 November 2010

The art of properly expressing the word 'Grotesque'.

So yes, hello! I am blogging due to overdue-ness, and also a desperate comment from my Aunty Em on the previous blog post, pleading with me to post another rambling mess of verbal diarrhoea. Yes, in those words. :)

So what has been happening in life, the universe and everything? Or rather, what can I remember?

I turned 20! This event, which has alwas been highly unlikely, and thus generally viewed with a sort of scathing disbelief, marks the end of my hellish teenage years! Nothing particularly felt different on the day (I always expect a huge life-changing feeling on my birthdays and am always slightly disappointed at the lack of internal drama), so it was hard to really 'feel' 20, until my grandma was sending the kids out of the room because the women were having some secretive discussion about marriage. My grandma sent each child out, finally looking at me and going, 'You too, H-.... actually, no, you can stay.'

The moment was felt by everyone. It is a pivotal point in life when you're allowed to sit in on marriage related discussions that the kids shouldn't hear. *Nods*

Some AWESOME presents were received, including (the purple/shiny) half of the stock of Dorothy Perkins, all of which I love :D Further awesomeness included a book by Michael Chabon that some randomer sent that is proving to be brilliant so far (Thank you randomer, whoever you are :) ) And a DVD set that has yet to be watched. Oh, and I should mention the many Penguin related items including a Snowcone maker in the shape of a penguin, and a HUGE very huggable penguin, who remains unnamed as of yet. I think being obsessed with things makes you very easy to buy for. THANK YOU WORLD.

Wow. Materialism win :) Still, *warm and fuzziness*. It was nice to be home. And it feels nice to not add 'teen' to the end of my age. That was getting old. I always kind of hoped I'd be a shiny happy brand new person by the time I was twenty, which isn't really working out, but baby steps and all that.

  • 2 Home Weekends in a Row.
Is always a win! It was a last minute decision but I am definitely liking it :) And have been overfed and have definitely counteracted the weight loss that has been gradually occurring over 6 weeks. Loving that Eid is approaching and it looks like most of the family will be reunited for it, which is a win also! :D YAY (Though I lack Eid clothes...ah well)
  • Paranormal Activity
Was watched last night, with the dad and brother. And I lost about 3 lives watching it. I ended up pulling the blanket over my head and blocking my ears for the last ten minutes because I found it far too scary. Though I can see why some people just found it laughable- it depends on how far you let your imagination run away with you. I slept with the lights on.
  • Revision
Coming up with novel ways to remember the functional groups on amino acids is fun! :D
  • Cake
Yes! I made cake for my mum's birthday, from scratch, and am proud, even though it looks a mess! So I have photos:

Yay for untidy sandwich cake which manages to look slightly like a mushroom!!

  • Random fact:
Hypoglycaemia can be mistaken for drunkenness due to it causing confusion/disorientation, which means that junior doctors could make a potentially fatal error in not recognising that the quiet drunk who comes into A&E could be on the verge of slipping into a coma :| Ouch.

  • DAMMIT there was something else! *thinks*
  • ......*Thinks*
  • OH, Due Date!
Is funny, but not as good as Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Usually I hate it when people compare two films like that, it feels unfair. But Due Date seemed to have taken certain scenes from PT&A (yes, laziness), word for word, so clearly they should've just marketed it as a remake. And since they were trying to be a remake, it's fair to say they weren't as good. I'm just hoping Robert Downey Jr doesn't go down the Will Smith road of appearing in shit films and saving them due to his presence. :| Still, watching Due Date was fun due to it being a housemate trip :D
  • 24 Hour Tech Hotlines
Are great, and much needed when it comes to anything that involves electricity.
  • Sheltered lives.
Apparently- no, wait, okay, I accept that I have lived in a bubble my entire life, and have no general knowledge, and even less current affairs knowledge. All the things I know tend to be specialised around things I am obsessed with. I AM HAPPY LIKE THAT. I would rather spend my time writing stories in my head and daydreaming than thinking about politics/the world. Escapism is where it's at ¬_¬ No, this was not aimed at anyone in particular. Nor was it defensive due to people continually making me feel stupid. Ahem.

  • Pickled Chillis.
Are nice with anything! As are avocados. *General food love*

I feel that I am done here. We just can't go on like this etc :)

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Over and out! :)


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Humaira, Happy Birthday to you :D Here is a birthday hug *virtual hug* and a penguin related present of your choice accompnied by a bug catcher for all the spiders :D
    Loving the new picture :D Very nice.
    The cake looks amazing, doesn't look like a mushroom at all.
    Two weekends in a row - very nice (again.)
    Why would you watch Paranormal Activity? Why? Why? I can't even watch the trailer! Then again, I get scared at ghost stories so...
    Happy Birthday again :D *waves*

  2. My present was the best! =P
    And you're seriously out of touch with the real world, pfft! WATCH NEWSNIGHT EVERY NIGHT - BBC2. And don't even think about saying you hate Paxman, pfft!
    Also: where is my piece of cake?!