Monday, 13 December 2010

Everything is cool, dude.

If I could be bothered to look back at my last post, I might have avoided repeating myself here, since I can't for the life of me remember when I last updated it. But the tabs open now and I just do not have the mental strength. So apologies in advance for potential repetition and hello!
I suppose the biggest news over the last several weeks was the AWESOME SNOWFALL that drove our country to a standstill! Or did it...?

Exhibit A: The snow in sunny West Yorkshire..Yes. Almost a foot deep, and this was when it was melting. I walked through that field and it was filling my shoes!

Exhibit B: The pathetic dusting that Leicester received.I mean COME ON. up, for God's sake!
So yes. I was more than a little annoyed at being in the only place in Britain where you couldn't make a snowman for that entire fortnight. Pfft, is all I have to say.

In other news:
  • I received the most awesome parcel EVER from my aunty Em and since I'm in a picture mood, I'm just going to put in the photo I took of the contents!!
CHOCOLATE LOLLIES! And general penguin related chocolate!! And long socks! And- okay, all of it. THANK YOU AUNTY EM. It totally made my week :D

  • Crosswords are still fun and not lame in the slightest.
  • I am in possession of the best anatomy book ever which was a rather lovely surprise. Though it says a lot that I've sunk to the kind of lows where anatomy textbooks make me happy. But they do! :D
  • I have had nutella on toast for breakfast for 6 straight weeks and am a little scared that it may be having a detrimental effect on my health but am not scared enough to stop having it just yet. It's just too awesome.
  • Ben and Jerrys half baked is amazing. Just amazing.
  • I have stopped putting the effort into cooking, despite all the fantastic recipes given to me, and have resorted to frozen dinners. I am hoping (hoping) that this is just because it's the leadup to Christmas, and that I will regain some stamina next semester.
  • I chose a module to study! Ie we get to choose a student selected module to study after christmas. Don't know what I'm getting just yet (we had to pick 4 preferences) so I shall blog about that in more detail when I know... ooh, I've never left a cliffhanger before. Exciting stuff. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK etc.
  • I really, reeeeally need to break up, but the prospect of a month of solid revision isn't too fantastic.
  • The prospect of Wolves on Christmas is far more fantastic :D
  • There is a theatre near university that I had to attend for a shitty 'question time' style debate as part of one of our modules, but the highlight of my day was seeing this poster on the wall:
IT'S ELMER!! None of the other elephants appreciated his brilliant multicolouredness BUT I DO! :D Want to see it so incredibly badly but it's on the day after I break up and not even the prospect of free food could keep me from going home. The fact that it's showing at all is actually enough for me :)
  • 2 MORE NIGHTS LEFT TIL I BREAK UP! Not mathematically inaccurate if you think about it, (though some people can't handle this), because today doesn't count, and neither does tomorrow or Wednesday because they're non-days, so...2 nights! :D My logic is flawless.
  • I have a (sort of) nephew! I shall be the awesome aunty who spoils him completely :D
That's about all I have to say, again with the sense that I've left out something incredibly important...but I'm sure it'll come to me.

I leave you with further brilliance. Over and out :D


  1. Damn snow! Argh!
    Stuff! From Aunty Em! TOTAL win there! =P
    Anatomy textbooks, especially that won are brilliant! Because there is no better feeling than being utterly confused by new words etc. Ah well.
    Seriously, stop with the Nutella overload! Have fruit! =D
    And crosswords are brilliant, shh!


  2. Nutella on toast :)Don't worry about your health, I'm sure it's fine. As I keep telling myself, just eat whatever you need to get through the day.
    Yay to going home :)
    Stupid's just generally stupid :)
    I LOVE Taylor Swift but apparantly that's not cool...I don't care!
    Crosswords are amazing :)
    Awww, the package is amazing also :)
    Hope you have a good break. Don't work too hard. :D

  3. Nutella on dry toast is gorgeous! It's like eating a giant ferrero rocher. Surely that can't be wrong, and yes I agree 'its complicated' humaira needs to eat whatever her body craves for to get through the day. I use that analogy when eating junk. Hell you only live once. Hello Emad. See you could adopt me and then I could send you cule stuff too! I might start with a snow shovel! Oh and what's with the Taylor swift thng? She made one great song. Amazing pictures humaira. Xx

  4. Aunty Em! How are you!
    The adoption thing would be weird as I am the younger one after all =P You should send fruit to Humaira! Preferrably satsumas!
    And waaa? Taylor Swift has MANY great songs! Which is the one you like?

  5. Adoopt u as my nephew u fruit cake! Don't thnk I'm old enuf to be ur mum, thankfully, unless I was from a council estate in Leeds. Satsumas? Why? They are kinda lovely. Taylor swift? Ermmm love story is the 1 i like. Which is is ur favrte? Oh and more snow is on it's way, so take care. I'm ok by the way, busy with baby bear but happy and relaxed. How r u? U breaking up Friday?

  6. Pft Leicester's snow was like a blizzard compared to Lancaster's! It didn't even snow there!!!!
    And woop for Elmer! Reminds me so much of sooty and sweep - how awesome was that :)
    Loving your blogs :)