Sunday, 27 March 2011

Silly Bean

Oh my God, so it's been aaaaages! @_@ I'd make some excuse about exams or something but I've totally slacked off work in the past few weeks so I can't even blame that. Never mind. I am here now. Here being home :D :D *YAY*
I should begin with the highlight of the past few weeks. Yes, it is food/drink related. Don't look at me like that.

Utter awesomeness :D Go to Cafe Nero and have Frappes.

In other news! Hello again. Since it's a picturey kind of post, this photo has no significance but I thought I'd post it anyway since it looks so pretty. I was walking back from uni through the decidedly creepy and deserted industrial estate near my house, and the sky just suddenly looked rather lovely, with all the dramatic rays of light(which you can't see too well here). So I took a photo. And several passing taxi drivers gave me weird looks.

It is also noteworthy to..note..that I am home now!!! The last week of term was a bit hectic, involving much food and late night work, but it finally got to Friday. And it took me a good 3 hours to pack (mainly due to my extended food break mid-packing...I get hungry! @_@). And I had to isolate a pile of revision books/folders to take home, which I'm going to work through over the next few weeks. And the size of the pile, which eventually became a highly unstable Leaning Tower of Pisa, made me laugh. So I took a photo of it. I present to you, some of the knowledge that I must cram into my head. (There's still more subjects to cover after Easter, so this isn't quite everything):

Oh! So I packed Friday night, and on Saturday my family were due to come. The plan was that we'd visit the Space Centre in leicester, which we'd been planning to go see for a while now. So I slept on Friday night in the knowledge that my internal body clock would get me up at about half 10, as usual.

...Skip to 11:46 on Saturday morning, and I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. In my sleepy confusion, I accidentally cut it of instead of answering, but saw it was my dad calling. I thought, they must've set off and have rung to tell me.

...And then there was a loud knock on my window. Note, my room is downstairs, so if someone knocks at my window, it means they've been ringing the doorbell for ages and have now resorted to the next best thing.

So I stumbled like a zombie to the front door and opened it and came face to face with my dad and my two brothers, who came face to face with what looked like a yeti in pyjamas. Their reaction was a slightly startled one.

So yeah! The lesson is, don't rely on your body clock ¬_¬ I had to speed dress/finish packing and we were out the door in 20 minutes.

On the plus, Leicester Space Centre is awesome! :D Planetarium and everything. And if anyone needs a free annual pass, just ask.

Oh, and I drove home, which was fun. Note: it was not fun. How is it fun to be going at 70mph in a very crushable metal box?! @_@

...And in other news, I made awesome Millies-style cookies on Sunday! I say Millies Style. I didn't follow the recipe- it said to use brown sugar and caster sugar, whereas all I had were Demerara and Granulated. So I used those instead. And instead of chocolate chips I cut up chunks of Galaxy chocolate :D An improvement, I feel. On the whole, they turned out pretty damn nice! :D Yay for a successful baking attempt!

I can't really think of anything else, so random bullet points it is:
  • One side of my face hurts
  • Let Go by Frou Frou is just awesome, as is the film Garden State
  • Aunty Em is a full on literal follower of my blog! Hello!! And she is helpful in pointing out potential blog material. :D
  • B&Q is second only to Matalan/Ikea as a great Eater of Souls.
  • I now possess a Matalan card, having made my first ever purchase from there @_@ I feel like I've lost a part of me.
  • ...That is all! OH WAIT, since the Emadness added one of the two great Reliant K songs to his post, I shall add the other great one to mine :D

So I promise (emptily) that I shall blog within two weeks, and bid you all farewell!


  1. Wow I love the new background,its mesmerizing @@
    Is this inspiration from the Hubble? you didnt mention it, you know Im a geek for stars! But yey for the Space centre in Leicester. I hope you have a well earned rest during the hols. You deserve some fun. X Ps Cookies look amazing! You Monica! Please make some for me soon! x

  2. Hello!
    Well done on the background, we both needed changes!
    And well done on the frappe! Still need to try a Cafe Nero one but the Starbucks ones are damn good lol.
    I honestly thought straight away after reading it, "I bet she wants to call it the Leaning Tower of Pizza". OH YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! =P
    Woo for Garden State! Totally didn't mention it in my blog either =P
    And on Relient K! And for being home!
    *General woo-ness*
    (Hello Aunty Em! =D)

  3. (Also: Silly Bean!? Thank you for the happy insult =P)

  4. Dude love your blog, totalyy know how you feel revision is killing me softly!