Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What is this...'sunshine' you speak of?!

Gawd knows when I last posted, but I swear I've been revising since Easter. Gah. The effects of at least 8 weeks of revision include:
  • A 'walking-dead' complexion
  • Panda eyes (which coincidentally is also the slang for periorbital ecchymosis, and- *slaps self out of revision coma*)
  • A lack of fingernails, and an inability to touch anything.
  • The tendency to twitch involuntarily
  • Revising during sleep. Seriously. I had a full dream the night before the exam where I went through a flow chart to do with the body's response to high blood pressure. I woke up in a cold sweat.
  • Forgetting what it feels like to wear anything other than pyjamas.
  • The development of a revision belly.
  • A permanent indentation in my bed, or 'study space' as I like to call it. Observe:
My poor bed :(

So yeah. Life has consisted of waking up, revising, eating during study breaks, revising, and then sleeping. It's got to the point where I've classically conditioned myself (think Pavlov's dogs, which is part of Health Psychology modu- *slaps self out of revision coma*) into associating eating with relaxation. We'll make me obese yet!

The exams were Monday and Tuesday. They crashed and burned, to understate. But..yeah, I can live with resitting if I at least take a few weeks off from revision now. Because if I see another cranial nerve mnemonic, I will snap and do some serious damage, using only my Clinical Anatomy textbook as a weapon/anvil.

So relaxation it is! I ordered myself one of the Neil Gaiman Sandman graphic novels as a post-exam reward, and am going to read that, with a can of pepsi and a Galaxy Roasted and caramelised hazelnut bar, on the train home :D Yay!

Oh, and family wedding this weekend. Yay for jazzing up...? I'm scared of turning up and causing the guests to flee, having confirmed for them that Dawn of the Dead has finally come true. But what the hell. At least I can be a happy temporarily-exam-free zombie :)

And good luck for your exam, Emadness! Even though you won't see this til after yours, probably. But join the post exam zombie celebrations, yay!

*Waaaaaaves to all!*


  1. HELLO!
    Well, looks like I did look at this pre-final exam! Thankies etc. Because you're a fan of that word.
    Stop biting your nails! And semi-woo on the wedding! PANDA EYES! =D

  2. LOL, this made me laugh a lot. That picture of your bed scares me O_O! But at least it's all over now! Also, how much greater do little rewards feel when you've actually earned them?! Well doneeeeee, I bet you won't have any resits :)!! And take the relaxation period for all it's worth!

  3. They're over!!!! Yeye!!!!!! Just enjoy the relaxation. And lol to the revision belly, I have one too.
    Hope you have fun at the wedding. Get really dolled up - my flatmates swear it's the best cure to end of exam-ness. I'm not so sure, but it'll be fun :)
    I agree, Clinical Anatomy books could/should be used as weapons. They're massive. And heavy lol.
    Enjoy the holiday. You deserve it :)
    *waves* *virtual hug*