Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Countdown in the Early Hours

It is indeed October! But I made no promises, so shhhhh. Shush, gawwd! I have a life you know ¬_¬ Can't be keeping up with all this blogging malarkey, it won't stand up as an excuse for failing the year. ('THE BLOGOSPHERE NEEDED ME' etc.)

Anyway :)

 Since the last post, I have gained little knowledge, even less wisdom, and waaay more weight than I am comfortable admitting. I mean, come on metabolism. It's not even like I'm eating any different, and if anything I'm exercising more than I was. But no, my body likes to play a cruel game known as lets-see-how-much-heavier-we-can-get-before-humaira-cracks-and-buys-a-gym-membership. I mean, it's not that I dislike the idea of a gym, I'd love to go. I just hate being around other people at this sensitive time of increased weight. Nobody who's in the gym looks like they need to be there, which can be a bit soul destroying ¬_¬ That and I refuse to join any kind of 'class' because I have a thing about needing to be in the back corner of a room so that nobody is behind me or even looking at me without my knowledge. Otherwise I feel hemmed in and horrifically self conscious. So classes are not happening. Neuroses, eh. What fun.

Let me think, then, what has happened...

  • Did I mention I got a car in my last post?! I can't remember and can't be arsed checking, but I have a car now, wooooo! :D It means I can just drive home every week which is awesome, and I'm kind of enjoying the driving solo, it's peaceful. Beats the train by a million miles- I think I'm allowed to rub that in as I was punished by the trains for 4 years, which is longer than anyone should have to put up with National Rail and it's Lack of Train Times. Also the car is a he, and he is called Fernando, and we are great friends and, I like to think, Partners in Crime. Just like Michael Knight and Kit :D
  •  My cute squishy adorable lump of  a baby brother has just gotten chubbier and cuter and smilier and now sort of laughs and is generally happy at anything. He also discovered that he has a voice, and vocalises enthusaistically in response to any noise whatsoever. Seriously, any. The other day he full on serenaded the hoover as my mum went past with it. 
  • My 24 month phone contract, which has ensured that I am the only person left in the UK without a smartphone, is due for upgrade next week, which means I can fiiiinally get WhatsApp and whatever else you do with these newfangled phone devices...
  •  I read Life of Pi which is officially being added to my list of Best Books Ever that Changed My Life, along with Mister Pip and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay. It was just so ridiculously good and you absolutely have to read it especially since there's a film coming out pretty soon, and I'm sure it'll be a let down and I will cry but at least you'll have read the book and it will have changed your life :D *And breathe*
  • I actually successfully took blood and cannulated various patients! Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means in any way 'good' at it, but I'm taking my occasional successes as miracles, and my frequent failures as 'well that patient just had really bad veins anyway'. 
  • This block is awesome- and that's saying something, haven't really enjoyed a full block before. It's  GI/Metabolic/Renal, so it's a bit of everything and generally all the patients are elderly people with diabetes. But it's awesome because the ward I've been placed on has the loveliest junior doctors ever, who really look out for us and totally sympathise with the awfulness of being a Med Student on the ward (you're just in everyone's way, seriously). So yeah, they've really made us part of the ward, we help out on ward rounds, take bloods, do cannulas, and actually feel of use. Nice people man. We're not used to doctors being nice to us. Initially I flinched every time the FY1 turned to speak to me. Like an abused puppy. Yes. But I'm better now :') 
  • The next block is GP which should be..interesting! I kind of want to be a GP so it'll be the moment of truth. Or 7 weeks of truth. Fun. I feel like the niceness of the GP I'm placed with could make or break it for me, because 7 weeks of hell would probably influence whether you pursued it as a career, so reeeeally hoping he's nice.
  • Had an interesting conversation with friends yesterday- I will be turning 22 soon, and my friend said 'Oh, your best year is almost over then. 21 was the best year of my life.' Okay, 21 was definitely not the best year of my life- my mum was a wreck for most of it, and whilst I'm totally and utterly ridiculously grateful for the cute little lump of smiley adorable-ness that is my baby brother, he caused us a bucketload of stress and a half. And it didn't even stop when he was born! So no, not the best year. I then realised I can't really think of a 'best year'. My other friend just shrugged and said I hadn't had it yet. Which was a nice thought :) Because I was panicking somewhat, thinking it'd happened and I hadn't noticed. The fact that I didn't even consider not having had it yet probably says something about living in the past and optimism etc. In conclusion: NOTE TO SELF, BE MORE OPTIMISTIC AND FORWARD LOOKING INNIT.
  •  Oh god, so Doctor Who...THE PONDS, NOOOOOO! I found that this really helped me to express the horror and despair.  Ugly sobbing indeed.
  • I am getting dangerously close to huuuuuge exams that are just so unfathomably difficult that it will be a miracle if I don't cardiac-arrest midway through the whole thing. Just *horror*
  • And just because:

Awwwwwww look at his little feeeet! Because baby feet are not as repulsive as adult feet.
Also, I am totally loving this song, massively. I know Radio 1's liking it at the moment so you may have heard it, but if not, watch! And if you have, watch again! If only for his amazing massive hair :D It just sounds so good.

So yeah, woo! I shall be off now! I wish you all well! I say all, I mean, Aunty Em/Rosie/ Lexie/Emadness are probably the only people who read, but I wish the four of you and anyone else who stumbles here well! Drop me a line and let me know how you are :)


  1. Thank you for mentioning me last (oh I keep count woman!) and saying you have other "friends". *Cue Michael Scott, "This is BS, this is BS!"*

    I will tell you which phone to get! Shh!
    And send me Life of Pi innit!

    But woo for car! Some of us still have to use the trains but whatevs!
    You are not large - your brother is =D!
    And watch Homeland damnit!
    I WILL POST MY HALF-WRITTEN BLOG TOMORROW! Half-advertisement there for the half-person who will see this.

    Ciao! And woo =)

  2. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot, I have no other friends. And will always mention you first in any sentence where you are mentioned in conjunction with other proper nouns. *Totally not oppressed here*
    Oh, yes, and you will tell me what phone to get *see above*
    EY, I've put up with trains longer than you have, shhh!
    My brother has the excuse of being male!

  3. Awwwwwwwww how adorable are his feet!! not yours Emad, the babies. Nice to have a blog at last. Glad to hear the block is going well. Thats great the junior docs are being empathetic, init! yeah whats all that about?? Cannot wait to see y'all on Eid and have a munch of the adorable lump of babyiness! Love the track, but have not heard it on radio 1. will listen out for it. Have you seen nick grimshaws hair? its gotta life of its own. bonsoir for now. x

  4. Hey there :) new to your blog and from the two posts I have read very kool *thumbsup*, I shall be following thoiugh will make a new blog soon... I am a first year medic at Notts :D.

  5. Man, can I just say I love your posts? They always put me in a good mood, even when I'm in a good mood to begin with. Like, coming out of this one for instance I have a new favourite word - 'cannulated' - and I will be saying 'innit' at the end of every sentence for the next three days.

    The reason I don't go to a gym is precisely because the regulars are all either supermodels or muscly supermodels. WHO DON'T SWEAT. Or if they do, they do it attractively and tidily. And they never, ever get their limbs totally tangled up in cross-trainers like the way Donkey gets tangled going through the turnstile at Duloc. >_>

    How adorable are those little baby feet!!!

    I love the name of your car. Is he Spanish? Does he know there's an ABBA song about him?

    So glad you're enjoying your block at the moment! Being surrounded by decent human beings when you're doing worky things makes soooooooo much difference. It does make one want to rope oneself much less.

    Also, I personally like to take the Homer Simpson approach to whether or not the best [insert chosen event here] of your life has happened yet: the best [insert chosen event here] of your life...so far. You get to appreciate the past and be optimistic at the same time!