Wednesday, 20 March 2013


And like the hermit crab emerging from his...crab-ness... so I emerge back into the world. Ahem. I'm a poet at heart, don't you know.

So my last post was pre exams. I started my revision in October. Yes. October. For an exam at the end of February. And I have only just moved past my post traumatic stress disorder, including horrendous failure-nightmares, and exam flashbacks, in order to write this post. Just...where has my life gone. 

I did not dare tempt fate by typing a blog post in the meantime, because obviously, if I did fail, it would be due to the thirty minutes I spent that one evening writing on my blog. But all that's over now, I did indeed pass and this is awesome and somewhat unbelievable but also in a way I should bloody think so too considering the large fraction of my life that I gave to becoming an overweight hermit crab. Who got so overweight that she was stuck in her...crab-ness (SHELL, thats the word), and couldn't get out again. There I go, snowballing. Stop talking Humaira.

Where was I...oh yeah, I passed! And am now a final year medic @_@ And in just over a year, could be handling peoples lives. Which is a little bit shit-scary. But trust me with your lives. Ahem.  *Confidence-inspiring, winning smile*

Let us have a think about what's happened since...October... This could take some serious thinking, which is beyond my brain capacity at the moment. Having a saturated brain has a dementia type effect on you, seriously.

  • My cute squishy lump of a baby brother grew by 4 months! He is now prone to make his views known on all subjects, whether we can understand him or not thank-you-very-much. He becomes particularly excited when one of us is on the phone, somehow interpreting this as a request to him to become personally involved in that conversation, and prompting a spew of excited babble and giggles. Anything that takes solid and grasp-able form is fair game to be eaten, and he finds this an excellent rule to live by. He has also discovered the association between cars, and the word 'car', and has taken, rather adorably, to whispering 'KA' in hushed, excited tones whenever a car drives by.   

His favourite part of that Elmer? The label. Seriously.
  • ...Okay, seriously, that little fatty is all that is going on in my life. Can you blame me though?! How squishy. 
  • I am currently on A&E! I will let you know how this goes, since today was only my first day, but have to say it's cool to feel like a real doctor and be helping out with things, and making decisions about patients. So Yay for that. 
  • I desperately need to write something fictional. Anything. ANYTHING. Have to get medicine out of my head for short periods of time! But I find that when I do, I just get mental scenes of tumbleweed :(
  • THIS is the most awesome thing I've heard in a long time. My favourite line is about the two year olds. But it's all genius. I love it so much. 
  • I randomly came across this old blog post from first year. It was somewhat scary to read... I feel my blog reads differently now. What has happened to me etc. Also, so much boundless enthusiasm back in first year, I'm surprised at myself! Pull it together, Past Humaira. You also sound different, Emad. Though the reduction in deadpanning is an improvement :P
  • Aaaand...I'm done with life updates :) Totally listen to 'Be with You' by Owsley because it's awesome and yes alright okay Emad does have good taste. 
In a while, crocodiles!


  1. Hello stranger :)
    Congrats on getting through the exams and yey to be a final year. It's a good scary, apparently. I'll make sure to avoid hospitals in Leicester over the next few years (just kidding, you're going to be a great doctor)
    Your brother is adorable. Babies growing up are so special to witness. I'm glad he's well and hope you and your mum are too.
    A&E!! How is it?? I want details in the next post! Oh to be useful :P
    That Shake the Dust was...I'm blown away. Have you seen this? I love spoken word poetry.
    All our blogs read differently now :p The four of us (me, you, Emad and Rosie), we've come so far in the past few years :D Crazy :p
    See you later aligator :D x

  2. YO!
    Well done! I TOLDJA you would pass, didn't I? DIDN'T I? Yeah. Exactly. *Face* etc.
    I now look forward to not being your patient next year =P
    He is still huge, 8 months on! I wonder whether he'll end up being a 7ft giant.
    And I told you Owsley is ace! Of course I had good taste, always had and always will etc =P You always like MOST of my recommendations.
    Yay for passing!!!

  3. Dude, your exam revision scares me so much I can't even talk about it coherently. OCTOBER? You med students are superhuman, aren't you? BUT WELL DONE FOR PASSING!!!!!!!!! *fiesta, Greek music, party hats, streamers* That is definitely shit-scary that you'll be handling people's lives so soon! But you know, you wouldn't have passed if you weren't up for it, so. Yeah. You're up for it. *fiesta*

    How cute is your little brother?!?!?! He's like a little dark-haired bear, who wears stripes, and is squishy <3!

    Yes! Update us on A&E, it sounds fascinating! I watched this film called Carancho about these insurance dudes who like follow ambulances around and sometimes cause accidents so they can reap the benefits! Anything like that, or you know, any drunken brawls/people with plungers stuck places they shouldn't be... do tell.

    That poem was incredible! Cheers for sharing. Oh, and I am so with you on the needing to write something fictional. It's upsetting how long you can and do go without doing it O_O.

    Great post :D!

  4. i love your updated profile. Its so much more you! I agree pjs and hoodies are a comfortng part of existence, and yorkshire tea? Hawww bt best brewed wth yorkshire water! As your 'Elderly' aunty Em, i must say al your blog styles and content have matured. Hope you will all continue to write. X