Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Raindrops on roses, defibrillators and kittens.

Firstly, a poem, massacred in my honour by Bryony and, I felt, strangely apt...

Raindrops on roses, defibrilators and kittens
Bright copper explosions and fingerless mittens
Colourful paperclips and playing with string
These are a few of your favourite things.... 
 As pointed out to Bryony, when I read this, I was in fact wearing fingerless mittens (There was a cold draught coming from the window which froze my knuckles and..yeah), and had been playing with string that morning. Hence, I am indeed honoured by this. Also, Bryony, regarding your comment, I emphasised that the decade was a 'personal' fail- it was a definite win friends-wise, lol.
Coming back to uni has made me feel incredibly weird: like I'm having to settle in all over again. I have absolutely no wish to leave my room ever again, and no wish for human contact beyond what is absolutely necessary. Last night I stood pressed against my door, literally starving but completely unable to leave the room. My flatmates are lovely, so this is completely irrational :S It seems there is yet progress to be made on the conquering-one's-own-mind front.
I was meant to go in to an embryology revision lecture today, but slept in and woke up at the ungodly hour of 11. Fail. Though I'm not too bad on embryology... touchwood....
Got 'Bridge to Terabithia', the latest birthday present I have ever received! Thank you, E-madness. Naturally, soppy friendship/coming-of-age films are where it's at. 
 I have 3 followers!!! This is so exciting! Despite the term 'followers' making me slightly paranoid, and despite the fact I know two of them *waves to Jamie and Rabiya, and apologises to Jamie for not coming in this morning due to being asleep*
Anyone else fancy Dixy chicken for breakfast? Is that bad? It's bad, isn't it? Just a short bus ride away... *mmm*
Aherm. As you can see, I have had no breakfast yet. And making breakfast would require me to leave my room, which means another epic battle against my useless twit of a subconscious.
I have discovered that having brothers is drastically different to having sisters in terms of the advice one is given. When I told the brother of my homesickness/wish to stay in my room, his solution was 'Have yourself a great big sandwich'. He was not specific as to the details, but he is pretty sure that a sandwich, in some shape or form, will solve everything. The other, younger brother spent the whole time making strange faces at the webcam. 
Speaking of which, the skype conversations held between myself and the entire family every evening since I arrived are much fun. Especially since the Wolverhampton crew is still there, and so webcam conversations are interrupted by Hasan telling me something about ladybirds/quotes from Kung Fu Panda, or Aunty Em /my mum wandering past with baby Ibrahim, who is nothing short of a baby bear. *Melts*
Think I'll go have some soup now. My days have fallen into the routine of eat, revise, iPlayer break, revise, eat, iPlayer break. Now also interspersed with the reading of Empire magazine, which I brought as cheer-up. Oh, and I want to watch the Hurt Locker. 
I'll go now. Back to revision. Never surrender, etc. 


  1. Of course your decade was a definite "win" in terms of friendship. You met me!! Jees, will you ever meet anyone as (un)cool as moi? Nope. So there.
    Also: I hope your flat mates don't read your blog...!
    Yay for Terabithia! Magical film. You must say it is amazing too or else we are no longer friends. Ironic, seeing as it is about friendship =P

  2. I think it's safe to say I'll never meet anyone as un-cool. I mean for God's sake, your idea of fun is a marathon Sudoku session.
    Wouldn't matter if they did, it has nothing to do with my flatmates :S It's completely irrational. Just my head that's weird :(
    Lol, no pressure for me to like this film, then... ¬_¬ Still, I'm sure the last half's as good as the first (Y)

  3. So I write this against the crashing but brilliant
    musically brilliant snow patrol, I got home last night and
    realised i'm 'homesick' , that's what I gathered you are!
    I think to myself, y the hell r we putting up with this crap??
    Y not just move back to dewsbury?
    All this and the underlying message yearning to
    be home, well I know you wanna make something
    of your life, damn it you only get one real shot, and
    me? Well I've gotta move on otherwise am gonna
    end up a manic depressive!
    So here's to moving on... With the faint intonations of the
    dewsbury accent and all that's put us, sori IT in the
    world media... Here's to wolves and Leicester! Give it time...
    (sobs into a Yorkshire calender)

  4. I laughed out loud at that! You've gotta admit, it makes you sound more than a little drunk :P
    'You only get one real shot'?! Scare the crap outta me, why don't you?! lol. But yes, here's to moving on indeed *sniff*. I shall be giving it time (don't really have a choice), and you...well, let me just sort of prise away that Yorkshire calendar...there you go.
    There, there. There will come a day when Dewsbury is so shite that when hearing about it on the news, we will feel no emotion but a smug sense of superiority for having got out whilst we could. I think.. :/
    *Power to the people air punch*

  5. Its so cute you have skype conversations with ur entire fam :)
    Just need to take it easy with the leaving-the-room-thingie. prolly just nerves eh.

    what you studying btw?

  6. Lol, I'm a bundle of nerves at the best of times. But hopefully I'll get better at it. Studying medicine (I know, thought I'd do something completely original, that no other Asian has thought of, lol).
    And Skype is fun! :D I'm very easily impressed.