Friday, 29 January 2010

Apoptosis: when cells go Kamikaze.

This has officially been the longest week of my life. Not in a bad way, just in a very, very busy way. So busy I've hardly had time to think about home/Archie/depressing things, and that is the way it should be, so all is good in a stressed-out way :) I shall revert to bullet points as I can't remember this stuff in any kind of order.
Oh, before I forget, bizarre moment as I walked out of the Student Union shop today, and overheard a snippet of conversation between a man and woman stood outside.
Woman: '....positron emission tomography.'
Man: *Giggles*

Yes... I didn't know what to make of it either. ANYWAY, back to my list:

  • Dissection. We became...'acquainted' with our cadaver on Tuesday. We were studying the pectoral muscles- the dissection itself went fine, and was all incredibly interesting. I even coped fine with washing the bits of dead-person off my scalpel at the end.  It was only later that evening when I was about to take a bite of food that I thought, 'We peeled off the guy's chest'. And at the same time detected the very faint, imagined smell of latex/death on my fingers. Let's just say that sandwich never really got to encounter my digestive system.
  • Had a nightmare that night- not actually about dissection, but I've never had dreams about things that happen during the day, so I felt it worth documenting. In my dream, Bursitis (painful inflammation at joint, usually in elbow/knee) was actually a disease that dehydrated sufferers to death (ie diabetes in the olden days), and many people I knew suddenly came down with it and despite me offering water, wouldn't drink anything :| Horrendous. I woke up at 4 and realised that this was the utter lowest of lows: medicine, as well as being all I could think about, had now breached my subconscious. I mean, if I was going to have medical dreams, the diseases could at least have been correct and then I'd have been getting some revision out of it. Dayyamn.
  • We've had some pretty bloody pointless lectures. And I'm having trouble staying awake during the more important ones. Well, if they WILL insist on having them at 9am, no amount of caffeine overdose will keep me awake ¬_¬ 
  • During an extensive work session, Jamie read 'Manubrio-Sternal joint' as 'Mandasubrial joint' in a moment of epic dyslexia. It shall henceforth be referred to as the Mandasubrial joint.
  • We dissected a heart on Wednesday. Well, my group did. I stood back because I felt very flu-y and didn't want to upchuck on the cadaver we'd be using for the rest of this year.
  • I have not purchased Mass Effect 2. 
  • I bought a penguin poster for my room!
  • Apparently I have another penguin poster, but it's currently sat in Heckmondwike...Dammit.
  • Work, gruesomeness aside, is actually really rather fun, and all clinical, and feels much more like medicine :D I am enjoying this whilst I still can :|
  • I must be one of the only people on Earth not to have seen Avatar yet. There are tribes in the Amazon who dream of Pandora, and yet I just can't be bothered.
  • I am missing certain people of Wolverhampton, and their baby bear addition to the family *Sigh*.
  • One Republic's 'All the right moves' and 'Secrets' are awesome.
Gawd, well if you got this far, I applaud your committment, really. Naturally I'll have left out some major piece of life-changing information, but it's all good. Now I'm going to go re-read Chuck Palahniuk books, starting with Diary/Fight Club. It feels GOOD having time to read :D
Over and out.


  1. You've still never given me Diary to read.
    And buy Mass Effect 2!
    And I buy things for my friends because I am nice! So pfft!
    Also, Jamie sounds like a ledge as all dyslexic mistakes by non-dyslexics can be amusing at times.

  2. wow you have some interesting dreams. Are they all like that...because if they are that's yet another thing we have in common. Are you sure you haven't got a sister you're parents haven't told you about lol. Only joking, cause that would mean I've been lied to my whole lifew aswell and that wouldn't be good...oh dear, I'm going to stop talking now. Happy reading :D

  3. Freaked by name for dead person thingy... Sounds like fish roe... Or a ranking official in the army! Touched we gotta mention, baby bear getting chubbier, he now weighs 10lb and has folds of skin on his arms n legs, ahhhhhhh... Oh and try they have everything for penguin people, gonna get u a purple wristband wth penguin on it! Glad ur settling back into uni. X

  4. What a wicked dream mann! its awesome in a disturbing kind of way, not many people have those sort of interestingly deep dreams, count yourself lucky ;]
    As for the faint feeling & dissection it happens to a lot of people. Freaky eh. But I think you get used to it.
    && I haven't watched Avatar either. Join the club!

  5. Emad- I will get you Diary! You WILL read and appreciate its awesomeness. And yes, grudgingly, you are able to be nice. :P The dyslexia was, in Jamie's words, one of his greater moments.

    Despondent Medic- Well, Emad's convinced you're just me commenting on my own blog under another name, but it's okay, lol, we're different on this one- I don't usually dream at all. And when I do, they turn out to be incredibly vivid story-like dreams, like that one. Dayyamn.

    Aunty M- Lol, cadaver.. a rank in the army? That cracked me up. It is a bit...nasty though, isn't it. A bit too animal. And yay for baby bear putting weight on! lol :D Awww, I well miss you guys. Has he still got a rough, cockney geezer frown, or was that just newborn swollenness? lol :D Bless him.

    Smiley- Lol, interesting, but bloody scary :| Severely dehydrated friends/family members = not pretty. I prefer the murder mystery type dreams I sometimes get, the whodunnits- last time it turned out to be my headmaster :O As for Avatar, damn all the hype! It's put me off, lol. Let us stick together *power to the people fist*


  6. Ahem Ahem. What about the awesome catch-up conversation we had on MSN?! I expect that to be on the list as well!

    Hmm, not important enough already...

    I expect to be the major focus of the next blog post. :)

    But other than that, pointless lectures? Yup, had a lot of them up here in Newcastle as well. Confidentiality? Come on, you don't need to know that as a doctor... do you?

    Sneezing on heart, would've been hilarious if you did and a great story to tell people...!

    Hope you're feeling better

    Saf :)

  7. Lol! I DO apologise, that was clearly a highlight :D Even though we spent a good part of it depressed. I shall indeed do a post centred around you. Can't say it'll all be flattering though, lol. :P
    Damn those ethic lectures... (You do realise I LOVE the people-y ones..?) aherm.
    Sneezing = fine, funny etc. Actually puking= just...well, there'd have been a puking chain reaction and it'd have got very messy.