Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The flipper equivalent of jazz hands.

The title seems strange, but it's exactly what the baby penguin on my new penguin poster is doing :D *Loves*. Yes, I have gone poster-mad. My latest addition is an Iron Man 2 one!! :D
Aherm. So yes, I promised I would dedicate (most of) this post to Saf, who was disgruntled at having not been mentioned in the last one. Those of you who do not know Saf- don't worry, he's a disturbing individual with whom I had English in Year 10- who decided to initiate our friendship by offering his hand for me to shake, and subsequently electrocuting me. Further good times have involved:
  • The time Mrs Field wore a Hu-YOOGE spider shaped brooch, that basically looked like a tarantula crawling up her shoulder. Saf took a look at it and quietly slipped into a coma. He never fully resurfaced.
  • Him bringing a PICNIC, an actual PICNIC to each and every single English lesson. Opening foil-wrapped sandwiches/chocolates/strawberry laces and crunching away at the decibel level of a small plane as I watched in disbelief.
  • When he added a creative touch to his poetry anthology by making a picture of a house with a garden, entirely out of strawberry laces that he stuck down. 
  • His running through cornfields with Miss Edgley, who had a weird soft spot for him... ¬_¬
  • Amnesty. Let's just say I did it for the fairtrade chocolate. I'm fairly sure Saf's motives were similar.
  • The biology quiz, in which we were asked to draw the structure of an amino acid- instinctively, I drew a load of beads on a string, instead of the chemical structure. It then occurred to me that this was probably quite a thick thing to do. I blamed it on Saf. The whole class believed me- after all, since when would I have made such a stupid mistake?!- and ridiculed him for a good few weeks.
  • And naturally, pizza hut cookie dough, with the Zainab also, on a Friday... :D And Morrisons trips to buy as much junk as possible. 
One for my list of people who I wish were at Leicester. I'd say I wish I was at Newcastle, but I'm brown, let's face it- I fit in well here at Leicester :D 
*waves to Saf*

Now where was I? (Yes, did I mention this would be a mammoth of a post?)
  • Dissection- we dissected the axilla, and had a look at the Brachial Plexus- generally nerves in the neck/upper arm region. We learnt bones of the arm and hands in a stupid amount of detail, but I'm kinda liking it :D Though washing bits of dead-person off my scalpel at the end...not so glamorous.
  • I have tomorrow off! WOOOOOOO! Yes, granted, alright, alright, I'm going to have to work most of the day, but that's not important! I CAN SLEEEEEP! And have Dixy chicken :O No *Curbs self*. Must control urges to eat everything. 
  • I am addicted to Oreos. Seriously. I think I have a problem. There is one left in the pack, and I swear it cowers every time I look over at it.
  • Certain people have finished their exams :O And will now begin rigorous exercise regimes to lose those revision pounds. It's all about the greater good, Emad.
  • My anatomy colouring book is AWESOME. I actually love it. Despite the fact that 12 GCSEs, an AS and 3 A levels since I last attempted it, I still can't colour between the lines. *Retarded moment*
I have nothing else interesting to say, except that I am in a particularly happy mood due to not having any lectures tomorrow :D 
Though I do miss home :( Attempting to make it 3 weeks, so not going home this Friday as I usually would. *Sigh*  Ah well. More time to try to teach myself how not to colour in like a spazz.
Also *waves to Aunty Em, Hasan and Baby Bear*
Yes, yes, I'm done now! Yeesh. Over and out. :)


  1. The Anatomy colouring book is amazing!!! It's an actual gift from God. I swear I would have failed every module in the Jan exams without it. And like you I still can't colour between the lines. And I have a mild obsession with Oreos (*scoffs* who am I kidding? Serioulsy HUGEEEE liking of them)... it's beginning to get mildly scary every time I read your posts...
    Enjoy your day off!!! *waves*

  2. The anatomy colouring textbooks are great - my sister bought one for her course a few years ago =P
    And also: MEH.

  3. Absolutely loved that post! Hehe, great stuff! Ah we had such good times at Hecky! The electrocuting and spider-brooch's aside, good stuff.

    I'm just as bad in lectures as I was with the English Lesson Picnic's! I'm telling you, lectures on the Regulation of Arterial Blood Pressure are much more interesting when you're sat at the back eating a jacket potato you've just bought from the med school canteen... Except for when you knock over that can of Pepsi, make a right mess and then spend the rest of the lecture secretly mopping it up with like 2 tissues which were drenched with Pepsi anyway...

    And yea, I'd say I wish you were in Newcastle but agreed, we fit in better at Leicester, so yea, Leicester it is!

    Go home! 3 weeks is tooooo long! I've got my (First Class) train ticket booked for tomorrow! It was like £2 difference from Standard and First Class and let's face it, I don't wanna sit with the peasants plus I want my free tea (even though I hate tea...) and shortbread!

    Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. SuperSaf needs to start blogging again...


  4. Anatomy colouring book?? i am not impressed as a tax payer... moving on... Saf sounds like a top bloke, not that ur other mates aint ehrm. Hey and i am now further convinced that 'sometimes despondent medic' is ur 'alter ego'. Does any1 else have similar suspicions? I mean come on... coincidences??? i think not! lol... oh and im not suggesting one of u has psychopathic tendencies, really im not, see now im confused there's 2 of u, or 1... ok im going to go...sheesh!! that was wierd. ;)