Sunday, 14 February 2010

Seeing people as walking X-rays.

Yes, it's a strange side effect to studying anatomy. Everyone in the street is a revision aid. My mum's back was aching yesterday, so (rather unhelpfully) I traced out all her back muscles and informed her (again, rather unhelpfully) which one was aching (trapezius) and which nerve supplied it (spinal accessory!). Last week, myself and Sarah made utter retards of ourselves whilst waiting outside the house we might get for next year, by pondering over extension/flexion/adduction/abduction of the arm and demonstrating each one. People in cars actually stared out of their windows at the two freaks doing windmill impressions. Aherm. I'm hoping it's just a phase.
In other news, I'M HOME! 
In other, more depressing news, I'm leaving in two hours :( 
But t'was an awesome weekend. 3 weeks in Leicester drove me utterly insane- don't think I'll be trying that one again any time soon. Things I have done this weekend include:
  • going into the non existent town centre, seeing that it has in fact become even more shit since I last visited, and loving every single minute of it.
  • not being pelted by a gang of chavs with pea shooters (if this means nothing to you, I have a bit of a track record for it)
  • driving to Dixy chicken in Batley (even more shite town) and encountering a gang of chavs racially abusing the guy behind the counter. I'd feel bad for him, but I'm just really hoping he spat in their food.
  • Realising that I swear waaaay too much in normal conversation. And that I just tried to make the excuse to myself that the s word is not a swear. Must curb language.
  • Turning down the offer to go watch Avatar with my dad. Firstly, I'd rather be mooching at home with the family. Secondly, I just can't be bothered seeing it. Despite one of my groupmates informing me that it would change my life. I found a rather funny thing on the 'I still haven't seen Avatar yet' Facebook group, that shows how Avatar is just basically Pocahontas. :D See for yourself
  • worrying about results
  • teaching my small cousins the anatomy of the upper limb.
  • Laughing at the idea of Jamie's face on a gazelle. You should read his blog.
  • Pointless texting
  • wanting to see Alice in Wonderland *Spazzes*
Aherm. So yeah, that's it. Though I should mention that I saw baby bear and Hasan and aunty Em on skype and this was brilliant, even if all we talked about were the gory details of dissection. Aherm. Just a phase.

See also (YES! I'm resurrecting the 'see also' bit!): over-eating, Pepsi, hyperkalaemia, new headscarves, a multicoloured bracelet, cherry chapstick (which I want to eat rather than use), shingles, straightening of hair, pointless two hour seminars, latissimus dorsi and the thoracodorsal nerve, and my awesome penguin of death bookmark.


  1. Oh, this post is nostalgic.
    It reminds me of biology class...a month ago.

    And I completely agree about Cherry Chapsticks. But you should try Watermelon Kiwi. Also delicious.

    Thank yoooh for stopping by! :)

  2. U havr yet anther follower, welcome urooba! Hope u agree purple pyro is a fnstc writer, hope ull stick arnd, her blog entries r awesome. Sorry purple pyro hope i hvnt embrssd ya. X oh and roll on friday evng!!!! Its an impssble wait!