Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Slow motion shaking your fist at the sun just angers it, if anything.

SO...uh..I write this with no idea what to write. I mean, stuff has happened, but what to write? Lists are the best way to go about these things...
  • I passed my exams, and passed them well! So now I can officially say I'm going to be a second year medic and all is good and fine and happy and it means I don't have to worry about anything ever again until September. And...inhale. But yes: I am chuffed. To say it was fluke would be insulting- I have had no life for three months due to revision. Not passing after that hell-hole of a quarter would have suggested that the only viable way forward for me would be to donate my brain to science for study- that way at least somebody would get some good out of it. A tad dramatic? Never.
  • Went to Wolverhampton and met Aunty Em, Hasan, Baby Bear and the family for the first time since Easter! Was very amused by Aunty Em's very-near breakdown when my brother used the wrong plate for his food, and ate things in the wrong order. She doesn't like the system messed up... @_@
  • Speaking of '@_@' (which basically means OCD), I discovered that Emad hasn't had Pepsi/any fizzy drinks for literally years, until the sip of Pepsi he had this weekend. THIS IS DISGUSTING. SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.
  • Also in Wolverhampton- helped give Baby Bear a bath! This was adorable. And took several photos of Hasan, for each of which he assumed a different muscle-man pose. Whether the child's somehow discovered Facebook, or has just fallen in with the wrong crowd at nursery, I don't know. 
  • I found what I thought was a used glow stick on my table during a mass clearup of my room, and cracked it and chucked it in the bin, only to look five minutes later and see that my bin was glowing blue!! Discovery of unused glow stick = BEST DISCOVERY EVER. Well, no, I take that back, I then discovered a BOX of unused glow sticks!! Awesome! (Though I physically can't use them because the thought of them running out pains me).
  • I have discovered that if medicine doesn't work out, I can always make my living as a football commentator. I refer of course to the England VS Germany game. Nope, NO interest whatsoever in football, and I hadn't watched a single match up to then, but I semi-promised somebody (¬_¬) that I would keep them updated with the score. Happy fate, then, that it turned out to be the most controversial, exciting, scream-at-the-TV game ever.  Then again, I wouldn't know, I have nothing else to compare this match to. I intend to keep it that way.
  • I've literally lost the ability to write :| I see what you were on about, Despondent Medic, what with it being holidays now. I think it's harder to write when you actually have the time to. The only story I wrote worth reading was written at 3am. On a weekday.God knows why.
  • My mother acquired me the most beautiful dress ever, but because I'm determined not to let this become a fashion blog, I shall simply describe it- a deep purple tunic, with shiny-ness (ie sequins) and white and purple paisley prints all over it. Pretty.
  • I spent today in a waking coma due to Sun-lethargy and...lethargy. Fun times.
  • I count the moles I have on my face (because I keep getting more!) At last count there were 8. Nothing to take the poetry out of beauty spots like thinking of them as small, benign tumours :) (Sorry aunty Em, that's the only bit of medical fact I'm putting in this post, for your benefit).
I have nothing else to say, really. When more happens in my life, I'll let you know.
*waves to all*


  1. Congrats on your exams! I know exactly how you feel.
    And glowsticks rock.
    I love pretty outfits.
    I have NOT been watching the football matches. I think I'm the only one??

  2. I really dont mind the medical references, its fantastic knowledge and a great ice breaker for the next time i happen to bump into a surgeon/ registrar/consultant, so keep em coming. Hows the packing going?

  3. Congratulations on passing your exams!!!! That's awesome. Enjoy the summer - you deserve it :D
    You mentioned me in your blog!!!!!! I feel so honoured. It is a horrid feeling - I still haven't gotten over it. Keep "writing" stuff in my head but when I try to write it down it all goes haywire. Sigh. We'll get over it, soon inshallah.

  4. I love making lists too! and congrats on passing your exams and passing them well :) :)