Friday, 18 June 2010

There are five pepsi cans on my window sill. True story.

Good evening.
I write this incredibly self consciously, having discovered that my group is aware of my blog due to somebody in the group mentioning it to the others today... (I'm looking at you Vijay, just because I have discovered your potential to lie convincingly). I'd forgotten I even had a link to it on my Facebook *Looks shifty and not at all like that was a desparate ploy to get readers when she first started writing it, that she is now too desparate to remove.*

So yes. Now I shall have to be incredibly careful who I bitch  write about. And if any of you are reading, I LOVE MY GROUP. Ahem. I don't even have to correct the sarcasm, everyone knows I love the group :D
Moving on from that horribly awkward beginning... :)
So the OSCE is over, exams are over (for the moment ¬_¬), and there is nothing to worry about. Yet. It is an awesome feeling. Last week was spent:
  • Sitting out in the garden soaking up the sun (admittedly whilst thinking about vitamin D synthesis the whole time).
  • Reading Fight Club (admittedly whilst mentally going through types of fractures and how they heal)
  • Shopping in Huddersfield with my mum (admittedly pointing out a man with an abnormal gait and explaining to my mum how damage to the common fibular nerve causes foot drop.)
  • Watching The Road to see whether it lived up to the awesome book, which it did (admittedly spending much of the film trying to remember the body's metabolic responses to starvation).
  • Weighing myself (admittedly then trying to work out my BMI with a calculator). That wasn't pretty.
  • Not watching the football. 
  • Watching Doctor Who (and admittedly wondering how the Doctor's plan to 'reverse the enzyme decay' and 'excite the tannin molecules' by feeding Craig extra strong tea, was going to revive him) Can't believe the series is ending soon :(
I remember spending a large chunk of time the other evening explaining some medical concept to the little brother, too. Just the start of his training. By the end of his summer, I'll have him a seasoned first year medic. The other year sevens won't know what's hit them.

So yeah. Switched off completely last week :D The sad thing is, none of the above points are in any way exagerrated. I am a walking tragedy.

Now back in Leicester for a doss of a weekend, and then (hopefully) a laid back week of ethics and ethics-related things. Don't look at me, I don't know either... 

In other news, people are finishing for Summer left, right and centre and this is wholly unfair. I shall of course be partying hard this last week of uni, but underneath this loud, party animal exterior, I'm all for a quiet life.

Certain people have gone a little bit fanboy over their new phones, and cannot stop mentioning them. ¬_¬ And yes, maybe I got a little bit psycho when deprived of contact with certain people for a week. Ahem. But it's okay, we're back to hatred now.

 Oh, and contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally wear bangles! So I found a picture of the set I bought to put on here :D Fear not. This will not become a fashion blog. More...just pretty shiny things. I am a slave to my magpie instinct.

Aaaand I have nothing else to talk about because nothing else has happened. Which is nice :) I like it that way. Back to the slob life, ie eating and re-watching Life On Mars. But mainly eating.



  1. LOL. i hate it when friends find ur blog..LOL its about as bad as when family does..LOL. wtv. funni post!

  2. You have no idea how easily we could become friends once you simply take up the colour red as your favourite instead of this "purple".
    Yes, you are a walking tragedy. I can confirm this with ease by simply knowing you too damn well >_<
    And stop acting fat!
    Celebrate with some Jen & Berry's! =P

  3. The noticing medical things is awesome. I did it on the run up to exams too (admittedly, still do). The best ones were when the mentor came over and rested his elbow on his leg and all I could think was "olecranon!" and when this bald guy turned round on the new Star Trek movie and I started naming the skull bones. And I did the Doctor Who thing too. You scare me sometimes :D

    Good Luck for the rest of your exams *waves*

  4. Ah I get self conscious when I write sometimes because people know who I am on our blog. *le sigh*
    I randomly point out medical stuff, too! Ah med school. It's almost taken over my entire thinking process. Almost.
    btw I love your blog!!

  5. Okay non medic feeling left out, i sumtimes imagine cells buzzing while they do things like osmosis and erm stuff... Anyhoo great blog, glad the end of year one is in sight, top stuff. Okay im gna get back to the buzzing thing. X

  6. Are you a med student? and i dont like when i write and get worried because some ppl know who i am. it sucks. but sometimes, you gotta just not care. u know?