Saturday, 5 June 2010

Oreo McFlurry, Strawberry Milkshake, Pizza, Galaxy Counters, More Galaxy Counters, Pepsi, Fish and Chips...

Back! And more sane than in the previous post, due to 2/3 of the weight being off my mind. I warn you, I got carried away with colouring words :D Oh, and don't worry, I didn't actually eat everything in the title. or two bites of each. Ahem. Still adds up :/
So, written exams were Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm a little unsure as to how I feel about them- I felt like everything I'd revised came up, but afterwards I kept having mini heart attacks, with the realisation that I'd written the complete wrong answer. Great.
Ah well, the last several weeks (who am I kidding, months), which have felt like an extended Night of the Living Dead Me, were totally worth it just for that sensation of almost-freedom when I walked out into the Sun (the Sun! Remember the Sun??!) after that second exam. And I made a beeline for the train station because I WAS GOING HOME!
And here I sit. At home, utterly bloated due to the excess of food which my mother has insisted I eat (and due in part to my own compulsive junk-eating tendencies). You'd think, the way I was talking, that I was out of the woods. Not so. My OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is next Friday, and that's going to be bloody hard :/ Being verbally grilled on anatomy, taking a patient history, giving a presentation, explaining a medical condition to a patient, hip, knee and shoulder examinations, a cardiovascular system examination, measuring a blood pressure, and to top it all off, using a search engine to find a medical article. Good god. I am screwed.
And so I have spent since Wednesday using my small brother/father/mother to practice taking blood pressures from- and I can finally do it! It's been worrying me like crazy. I've been perfecting it by taking my own, and have discovered I have an abnormally low blood pressure- 108/54. I'm sure it's not supposed to be that low. It would explain why I had several dizzy spells last week, though I still put those down to being a bit spaced out.
Kinda still need to learn my anatomy. Which means I might have to leave home early, since my anatomy textbook, which weighs more than my family put together, is back in Leicester. :( *Sigh*
Oh, and I still need formal clothes for the OSCE, and a pair of shoes that actually cover the top of my feet, otherwise we're not allowed into the Dissection Room. NO girls shoes cover the tops of your feet, with the exception of boots! And I don't know how welcoming they're going to be if I turn up in these.
Still, at least I know it'll ALL be over on Friday :D I have a list! I call it the List Of Things To Do Once My Life Has Resumed.

The List of Things To Do Once My Life Has Resumed
  • Eat as much as is humanly possible, constantly. Attach self to drip overnight if sleep is eventually necessary.
  • Finish a bloody story ¬_¬ I've lost the ability to write and I WILL get it back.
  • Re-read my Chuck Palahniuk collection, and actually read more books!
  • Watch Toy Story 3
  • Spend time with family, preferably doing nothing more than sitting out in the garden (Family! Remember them??!) This includes Hasan, Baby Bear and Maryam, who I feel have grown up far too fast whilst I've been away :(
  • Go to Pizza Hut. Ah, how I have missed you.
  • Learn how to speak Urdu without sounding like a retard.
  • Learn how to cook without serving dishes that might as well be biohazards.
  • Teach the youngest brother first-year medicine (Hey, you can never be too prepared. Even if he doesn't want to be a doctor. Ahem.) 
  • Make myself, through self hypnosis or mutilation if necessary (though I'm not sure that self harms the right way to combat neuroses) stop killing my nails.
  • Get purple hair. Ah, you know I kid, I'm bald really.
  • Not watch the football.
So yes. I shall add more when I think of them, in subsequent posts.
Back to revising! YAY! ¬_¬


  1. Don't you DARE become fat! You know very well I have extended our "not friends but not enemies i.e. frenemies" policy due to your slimming down. Ignore it and you will suffer the punishing consequences.
    Good luck in the exams - you will hopefully not need it. And well done on plugging in the boots AGAIN.
    High/low blood pressure - welcome to diabetes.
    Read Michael Chabon.
    And watch the fussball! Every single screen in the building at work, including the actual customer departments will always show whichever match is taking place at the time! I intend to go against myself and watch full games - you should do this. Well, you will. Or else.

    ...Start with the men's tennis final tomorrow. Soderling all the way!

  2. Keep going, you're almost there :D And it will be bliss when they're all over! Good Luck for the OSCE!
    Toy Story 3! Yay!
    (Another similarity: I also can't speak Urdu without sounding like a retard. Ok, I can barely speak it at all. Understand, yes. Speak...not so much!)

  3. LOL neat post!! took forever to read..but enjoyable none the lese..LOL

  4. What a great post, its like you are slowly but surely emerging to live that all important thing! Well dun on making it, you shall be rewarded by being overly fussed by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles... cos youve been bloody missed! Oh and i have a few more items for your list: 1. 'Just. because' hugs for ya gran, shes misses em and was telling me abt em the other day. 2. Watching 'in the night garden' with gran, the magic of its gone since you left for uni! 3. i player and youtube. 4. Staying up until 4am just cos you can. Enjoy! Oh and best of luck with practical, ur a natural. X

  5. i like ur blog!!
    cute description of yourself too :D