Monday, 28 September 2009

An attempt at shorter blog posts.

So I'm going to aim for shorter entries from now. Aherm. Today I made a mind map. Do not laugh, because I'm fairly sure I've done it wrong (God knows how you mess up a mind map), and I'll find out tomorrow when my group laughs at me for being a plank.

I also think I'm getting slightly more used to this whole uni thing... Though everyone (okay, most people) seems to be really intelligent, and this makes me feel a little thick. When you're stood in a line for the Fresher's fair and there's guys behind you discussing the intertwining philosophy of religion and free market,  when all you can think of is the free pizza slices Dominos are giving out, you know something's wrong.

That pizza tasted bloody good after an hour in the queue though. Dayyamn.

Was collared by the Islamic Society (why do muslims have to pay, and non muslims join for free...?) and told to come to an Eid meal on Thursday. All I heard was 'free food' and before I knew it my hand was writing out my email address of its own accord.

Good god :| On the subject of food (because I can't seem to get off it), I've discovered I'll eat anything if I'm hungry enough. And I am hungry enough. I'll also sleep anywhere (although I already knew this, having slept on a cardboard box for three weeks when I stayed at my grandparents' house in Saudi several years ago. They ran out of beds and floor space. It was that or outside.). this about the right length for a blog..? I'll stop typing anyhow. Proper work starts tomorrow, so I may attempt to force myself to sleep now, as I seem to keep dropping off in morning lectures. 

Big shout out to all ma...erm...homies...(?) round da country. God knows why I just did that. I'm a little tipsy, naturally. Remind me never to drink again etc. :)
*Also waves to aunty em, her committed family member/reader*

In a while, crocodile.


  1. Great timing on the food-ness. You've become a true Brownie at university. Jees...
    You should have slept outside.
    Also... What the HELL was this post all about?!

  2. God, if you're not complaining about the length of my blog posts, it's the subject that bugs you! It didn't need to be about anything- I'd had a few. *Looks shifty* Aherm.
    The box was relatively comfortable, compared to the cobbles outside. I was quite comfortable, except for being literally black and blue down one side, lol.
    Definitely not one to try.