Saturday, 5 September 2009

A small introduction (ie me working out how to use this bloody thing).

Well, Saf has officially declared this blog open! (After it had already been opened, but the sentiment is there.)

I feel it necessary to acknowledge influences in the creating of this blog, thus anchoring them into a binding contract of readership at the same time :) Saf and Emad, you know who you are. Aherm.

Also, thank you Emad for the title, which I thought was great due to my own pyromania, and my slight obsession with the Chariots of Fire theme- let's face it, it's a great theme.
However, other excellent title suggestions made by Saf deserve a mention:

1) The Purple Pyromaniac- A good idea, but I thought it was a bit predictable.

2) The Purple Pyromaniac Pomegranate- A better idea. I liked this, and it was a close second.

3) The Purple Pyromaniac Pomegranate Pants/Parsley/Parsnip/Pissface- I was not too keen on these variations, to be honest.

4) Oh wait, I'm the immigrant here- This was something I had just said, which Saf suggested as a potential title. Whilst it rings with some truth, I felt it might discombobulate people.

Right, so titles aside, I will begin actually blogging in the next post, as I did on my Myspace blog, regardless of dwindling readership and the many adversities I face in being on this site. I felt the need to set a blog up because I have the constant urge to vent everything I think onto a page in a kind of brain-spew. Fetching, I know, but what the hell :) I'll keep this up for as long as I can before I'm beaten down by the strain of being a student, but hopefully not before I've brain-spewed about that too...

Finally, I say hello old beans to The Jennifer and Bryony. Hello old beans. Or boons. And of course, this hello is extended to all three/four of you out there who will occasionally visit this collection of unrelated musings.

As a signing off statement, I'd say 'Over and out', but Emad gets quite angry when I use that, so as a temporary measure:

In a while, crocodiles.


  1. Not a "shambolic" debut. This is good.
    ...Nothing else I can say for now.
    I look forward to the future!
    Over and out.

  2. Not quite the colour scheme I was expecting. But I look forward to your ramblings.