Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mood swings.

My brother said to me last night, 'You know next week, when you're away, it'll be the longest we've ever been apart?'. I pointed out that I'd only be away a week, before I visited home again next Saturday. And then realised he was right- we've never been separated for longer than four days. :( Totally gutted.
And Archie wondered into my room today, mooching around the house as ever. Tried to jump up onto my bed, I removed him, he wondered back out and fell asleep on the landing. I'm going to miss that too. Why the hell did the universe allow me to finally get a kitten one year before I had to leave home?! I'm going to have to smuggle him with me. And the pictures an old one, but it's one of my favourites, because he looks so guilty :)

Okay, so I'll try to be less prematurely-homesick and more excited, gimme a sec *clears throat, pulls self together*
Hey everyone! UNI in 4 daayyyyys! OMG soooooo excited!
No, I can't do it, sorry. By the way, the use of the word 'Hun' pisses me off. Why do girls call other girls this? Aside from the fact it's patronising and reminiscent of the WW2 term for the Nazis, as a shortened form of 'Honey' it just sounds so...disgusting. Urgh. 'Honey' is actually preferable, and that's a big thing for me to say. Why must girls insist on calling other girls darling/honey/sweetheart/love anyway? She's not your child!
*Rant over. Well, not in my head, but I'll stop venting*
Iftari (the time when we break the fast) was set to be a quiet affair today- just me and my mum. So she invited two of her friends over, which normally intimidates me but they're very nice friends, so all was good. They also brought their children- two boys aged 2-5 and a 3 month old baby. Suffice it to say our house became a nursery. With the average decibel equivalent of a small aeroplane. Maintained for several hours. In this time:
  • An attempt was made to eat a small and fluffy Nemo cuddly toy
  • A fly swatter was used as a makeshift sword, and everybody in the house subsequently 'killed'.
  • A spiderman mask was donned, with the toddler wearing it transformed into a webbed superhero.
  • A state of the art new television was smeared with at least three types of household food items.
  • Lemon-scented cleaning wipes were somehow obtained, and used to 'clean' everything, including the toddler-in-question's shoes and mouth, in that order.
  • A dressing-up king's crown was found, and worn, with an incredible amount of pride, for the rest of the evening.
  • A substantial amount of strawberry yoghurt was propelled across the kitchen, after the perpetrator tried to blow a raspberry through a mouthful of petit filous.
  • A small toy motorbike ended up in the jug of water on the dinner table.
And all this time, the little 3 month old baby sat quite placidly, staring at the ceiling.
Chaos. It was great, though. I made friends with the baby, even managed to get him to tear his gaze from the ceiling for about 3 seconds, to look at me :D He was delectable. Can you call a baby delectable? He was, anyway. Like a little bear *goes all warm and fuzzy*.
Aherm. So yes. I haven't packed yet. Is that bad..? I think it is... I'll do it tomorrow. *Thumbs up*
Over and out (I don't care, Emad! I like that phrase!)


  1. I really don't know how to comment about the rest of your post as I have to point out the little fact that Natasha calls me "hun" at times...
    =/ Ouchee lol.
    It's a good phrase =P

  2. So how ya doin' Hun? U really shouldn't have
    shared that. Anyway very amusing about the
    little munchkins u had over. I am no stranger to
    this torment, urva is an absolute monster. She's given
    herself a black eye and cut by managing to topple
    under an ikea table n chair! Damn those Swiss! Seriously
    though it looks really suspicious, so she's being
    qurantined until ' it heals'. Oh and archie looks
    more shell shocked than guilty, daft cat! Love him! Have u noticed
    ur attracting a league of insomniacs to ur blog??
    I'm gonna turn in now cos I don't want to scare anybody
    or anything with my nocturnal volumised hair, it's scarey stuff.
    Night. XxxX

  3. I'm starting medicine at leicester in a few days too! Feeling really nervous. 'Hun' really annoys me too ahhhhh even typing it....

  4. Emad- There are no words.

    Aunty Em (your new name, lol)- Not amused. And yeah, I bet it's like a nursery with her and Hasan- how the hell'd she manage to do that?! Lol, social services will 'ave you. And I'm loving the fact that most readers are insomniacs :D Though the image of the volumised afro is quite a disturbing one, lol.

    Anonymous- Hello! Don't be a stranger! Lol. I'm trying to get to know as many people as possible, and we can at least identify with each other over our nerves, and our shared hatred of *that word* ¬_¬

    *waves to all*

  5. Well u will be pleased 2 know I'm due another
    shear, sorry I mean haircut! I'm gna b a typical
    asian girl and have it dun for eid. How annoying
    is that even more so than ' babe, hun, girlfriend...'
    Anyway, hope uv started packing...

  6. the only reason i'm anonymous is cause i don't have an account, probably should get one! I'm even more nervous today, I leave home tomorrow- my birthday, which is a bit rubbish D: which halls are you in? I'm staying in a house with 7 other girls its called wardens lodge, meant to be part of beaumont hall. Hope you're feeling less anxious :D

  7. Lu- well, it's nice to meet you anyway :) lol. Happy Birthday in advance, though clearly, moving away on that day deflates the sentiment a bit. And I'm at John Foster, but I think that's near Beaumont anyway..? I'm a total bag of nerves, lol, but that's usually the case with me.. @_@