Saturday, 12 September 2009

Impending doom.

This may well be the last time I am speaking to you. I have just been informed by the parents that I have been booked in for a Pass Plus lesson (against my will!) at 3:00. I don't WANT to drive on the motorway! It's too fast! I can barely stay at 30mph on the roads as it is. And dammit, I only had a week left. Thought I could get away with putting it off until uni :( But no, I have to take it because according to my dad, 'You're driving to Leicester next week'. :|

*Listens to the sound of impending death approaching. It sounds a bit likea small, silver Vauxhall Corsa being over-revved.*

In other news, I went shopping with my mum (again, bad idea walking past all those food stores...) and acquired a small saucepan, in which to cook noodles. And...uh, that's as far as my culinary skills stretch. So I was not amused when the checkout guy at home bargains decided to be funny when he scanned my 18 packs of noodles, and said 'DO YOU LIKE NOODLES?!' before chuckling to himself. Git. Somebody give him a stage.

Further uni shopping involved the purchase of some stripy plates. Argh! I am too easily excited. They are excellent though. And I got multicoloured mixing bowls, too. Not that I know what I'm going to use them for :/ I mean, really... But they're multicoloured, and I'm easily pleased. The glowsticks are still sat in their tube, waiting to be snapped, and I love the fact that I *Can* snap them when I want to. Hence, I will not snap them, because then that feeling will go away and I will panic- as soon as they're snapped, time is running out and I will HAVE to make the most of them. Aherm.

Oh, I also bought a range of OCD cleaning materials (as did Emad apparently, when I spotted him at the supermarket and WAVED and just got BLANKED :P I'll let that go eventually). And I have Sharpies, for no reason other than they are colourful. Though I do want a purple one :( I'm pretty sure I've missed off something major in my packing... *scratches head*. Ah well. I'll have to find out the hard way.

Argh! Pass plus! *stomach-twisty-feeling*

Late night mass MSN conversations are where it's at. We have discovered that 'Cheese' is a good topic for diversions, if it ever gets awkward. Namely 'Ooh, I do like a bit of gorgonzola'.

Also, my Chelsea Cain book arrived on Wednesday! Finished it Wednesday night, naturally. I haven't read anything that isn't proper literature in a while, so it was great not to try to think about it too much. Damn, I'm sad.

Oh, and the whole family (pretty much) is coming over tonight to eat :D I love it when we all get together. We hardly ever do though :/ Dayyamn.

Nothing else major. I'm going back to listening to the sound of impending death. Oh, god. Really do not want to drive on the motorway. And what if my instructor says I've lost all my driving skills since I passed?! What if he says I should never have passed?! Argh! *Runs away screaming*

So yeah. Was nice knowing you. In a while (or never), crocodiles.


  1. Yes the cheese diversion is great.
    Also, Thumbs up with noodles and sharpies, I'm the same.

    I don't trust you on the road...

    And he WAS doing classic Bounty and not associating with the Cadbury's Dairy Milk.


    If this comment doesn't come through, you die. End of.

  2. hey! :) Chill a little bit. Everything's going to be fine. Breathe, breathe.
    Plus its soo cool how all ur family are coming over to eat. mine are spread all over the country so we only really see each other at special occasions.