Friday, 18 September 2009


Because they just have to be immortalised :)
  • First day of year seven- turning round and saying 'hi' to the slightly high-pitched girl with a short brown bob, and the quiet smiley one with curly blonde hair and a headband :D
  • Weardale- our year seven residential- Bryony scaring Jenny in her bunk bed. Me sitting in the corner of the pub at the disco, and refusing to budge, instead watching the teachers get slowly more drunk at the next table.
  • Being told 'You are unique. You are special.' by Fozzard in our first RE lesson, and having to write a piece about just how unique and special we were. Sneddon walking in late after getting lost.
  • Skiving drama lessons, telling Mr Hutchins I felt sick and then going to sit in the toilets for the rest of the lesson. Also, daydreaming at the crucial moment in the 'fall backwards' trust exercise, thus dropping Bryony. 
  • Dr Williamson demanding of a terrified Beth: 'If I was a woman, where would my uterus be?!'
  • France trip- Sitting outside a pub to drink coke and getting weird looks. Jenny falling asleep on my shoulder in the coach, and me pushing her out into the aisle :D
  • Year 8- Miss Loosemore having breakdowns in maths lessons. 'That' fall out that took up most of the year. The SARS virus. Fran being a bitch. Mr Howard for chemistry, and his repeated use of the phrase 'magic'. Also, 'that' incident where he used a metre ruler as a Samurai sword to decapitate Pinder, having watched The Last Samurai the night before.
  • Year 9- Mr Cowling as a co-tutor and IT teacher! Stuff of legends. Sneddon leaving, and our complete devastation at this. Us moving into the true 'corner' and carving our names into the wall/floor. Me finishing my first book, and handing it in a ringbinder to Mr North, who read the whole thing for me :D Mr North doing his 'ill' voice when reading Z for Zachariah. Traumatic RE lessons with Fozzard, and Jenny's 'S' humiliation. 
  • Year 10- Finally, Mr Cowling as a form tutor :) English lessons- the amazing Mrs Field, meeting the strange short guy who called me 'weird girl', and who I later learnt was called Saf. Saf offering to shake hands with me, subsequently electrocuting me when I took his hand. Me living with my grandma. The Black Book. Lund. (No explanation needed)
  • Year 11- Stu and Saf in English lessons: Painful. 'Touche'. Lund- again. Me having a full scale mental breakdown which culminated in being scared of everything- literally everything, insomnia, crying spontaneously, and an inability to walk into rooms. Me being coaxed from said breakdown by Jenny and Bryony (who were very motherly) and Mr Cowling (who just had his own nervous breakdown, which made me feel better). 
  • Year 12- First critical thinking lesson- being paired up with the slightly paranoid-looking boy who refused to say more than a word, and who turned out to be Emad. Notes in lockers. "Call it". The Agency. Bursting into tears in school before January exams (having seen grade requirements for medicine), and having to be 'taken for a walk' by Jenny and Bryony, lol. Incredibly lengthy myspace comments/messages, sustained for over a year. Amnesty International and 'Troupey'. Lund. Yet again. Bangor, in all its horror, and a train journey sat opposite Lund, trying not to laugh whilst he read 'Astronomy today' magazine.
  • Year 13- Fear of failure. The absolute horror of UCAS. The incREDibly long wait before I got an interview, and the many breakdowns I had beforehand. Cheese and Beans on toast. Thursday frees with Jenny, Bryony and Zainab, spent bitching about anyone who crossed our path, or in Superdrug, with me rubbing all shades of Barry M eyeshadow onto my hands. Friday frees- pizza hut cookie dough and Morrisons dessert counter :D Spazzing about Hamlet/The Great Gatsby. Exam horror. Emad's mood swings, followed by his spazz-happiness :D Lund- would you believe it- again. The fairly emotional last day, and running away from school on cloud 9. 
It's been...well, eventful :) I'll  miss you people, if not school in all it's nasty tangy-socks-stink glory. *Sigh*  I guess now I'd better go pack...?


  1. That was actually really emotional to read - I cried cos I'm a wuss! So much has happened in seven years :O I want to see the Little Black Book again as well!
    Really choked me up actually....god I will miss you so much it's untrue.
    Just good luck and love you lots!

  2. Yeah...I didn't understand the first 2 thirds of course lol. But wow...what I did notice is that the one constant throughout the years was...wait for it: the Lund.
    There, there.
    Let's make more memories ^_^

    Emad =]

  3. LMAO, I loved that hand-shake electrocuting thingy.
    *goes off to find it*
    **comes back and realises he isn't at home so can't find it...**

    Hehe, It was good fun, gonna miss Hecky and us lot messing about. /tears

    Hope you're havin fun at Uni, weird girl!

  4. Mohammad-the annoying brother.27 October 2009 at 21:22

    haahhaaa! i love the blog and the little black book; i remember it! i reallly hope you are having fun there!i know that i sound like a geek when i say this; but i laughed at lund reading "astronomy today"! (ironic because i love astronomy). anyway, hope you like the uni! :-)