Friday, 25 September 2009


So I write this from a computer in the medical building, where I am killing time before 11:00 when I have to go join my group to finish off a presentation, and there is a LOT to tell you so I'm just not gunna breathe and will instead plunge into a bullet point list which details pretty much everything that has happened.
  • Sunday- Arrived fairly depressed at having to miss Eidness, and was left by family at about 1:00pm, so made the daunting walk to Beaumont hall where all the medics were made to 'mingle' til half 5. So I talked to people *shock horror* and went between different circles and generally was sociable. And Sarah discovered that I was coming to Leicester (as she wasnt' aware of this), so this was a good moment. Sunday night involved going to a Shisha place (no, I didn't, I don't and I never will) where I had chocolate milkshake and was talked to by very nice people in the older years. And just as I was going to get a taxi back to halls, some 4th/3rd/2nd years told me and another girl to come for a meal with them. Which was lovely :) Warm and fuzziness.
  • Monday- I think the shock of moving away set in, because I couldn't find Sarah, and was talking to people but nobody in particular was sticking around. So, whilst wondering around the medic fresher's fair alone, I found myself welling up at very awkward moments and without any control whatsoever. Not good. Monday night, I discovered Sarah again and we decided to skip the pub (I know, but I can't party EVERY day) and watch the Tale of Despereaux in my room, whilst drinking hot chocolate. This was good, except for the film, which turned out to be shit. Let's just say the plot involves soup and a murdering troll-woman. Avoid.
  • Tuesday- Highlight of the day- the last lecture, which we were told would be an actual subject lecture on Emergency Medicine. The lecturer was an absolute dragon, who refused to take questions and used complete jargon whilst flicking through the slides at 70mph. A guy who tried to answer a question was told his answer was stupid, whilst a girl whose phone rang was told to get out and not come back. Just as we were all wondering how to texplain failing this exam at the end of the year, the last slide came up, saying '100% of this lecture was true, but 0% is relevant to first year medics on their second day at medical school'. They got us good :) Apparently it's a yearly tradition, and all the older year medics were sat in the lecture theatre next door, watching us on camera and pissing themselves. Nice.
  • Wednesday- A day of groupwork, and then at night we went to a comedy club thing,and 4 standup comedians performed there. T'was very funny indeed, and much fun.
  • Thursday- More groupwork on a project about Leicester, and then me and another girl went and got Pizza Hut (but I had to sadly break into my emergency supply of pepsi cans, so I'm down to only one now :| Must replenish  stocks). In the evening, there was a film night for the non drinkers, where we watched Angels and Demons (I voted Blood Diamon, but we lost by one voter, dammit). I have discovered that Angels and Demons is even more shit the second time. Woo. Oh! And we visited the dissection room in the afternoon! Saw a cadaver, and were told all about the learning of anatomy. The demonstrator opened (?) the chest so we saw how the lungs, heart and liver all sit in relation to each other. I wasn't queasy, but if anything, it was a little depressing to think that this was a person :( Not something I think I'll get used to.
  • And that leads us to now! Friday morning. Coming home tomorrow, wooness! It's sunny outside, hence my cheery mood, and me and Sarah walked through Victoria Park to get here, which is reeeeally lovely. Picnics would be great, and are in the pipeline. So yeah. The proper course starts on Monday, which I'm a little nervous about, but what the hell. Here now. I WILL make it work, lol. And from this weekend I'll actually have internet in my room too, so that's one good thing.
Over and out, people :) Hope all's good.


  1. Blood Diamond is not that good.
    Well done on spending time with Sarah. Hope you end up being best friends. Forever.
    And the lecture on Tuesday just sounds great! I would have loved to have experienced it. And by that I mean, watch you and the noobs in fear.

  2. Blood Diamond is fantastic, and if you cannot see this, then you are gay once and for all.
    And we shall. Forever. :)
    As for that lecture, the fear was palpable. You could taste it in the air. That and the hum of 200 or so mental cogs and gears working, as people tried to work out how they'd explain the failure of year 1 to their parents. :)

  3. "I have a girlfriend" etc.
    You're just being mean. Blood Diamond is good but not as good as you make it out to be! =P
    Nothing wrong with eternity.

  4. Lol, I'm sorry, I'm sorry :) *Offers conciliatory handshake*

  5. Whilst you both have a b?!** fight over 'blood diamond'... Hi Humaira! great to hear you are getting your teeth into student life. Leicester sounds like a real buzz, which helps when you are homesick. Whoohoo!!! to the comedy store/club... I saw Jack Dee when he was on te brink of fame, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for raw talent. Keep smiling... the penguins will smile back at you... aunty em XX